Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Bhitargar Stronghold
ভিতরগড় দূর্গ

Bhitargarh castle-town
Bhitargarh is situated at Omorkhana union in Panchagarh sub district 10 km north from Panchagarh district town of Bangladesh-Varot border line.Panchagarh's Bhitorgorh is one of the most impotent reign in those reigns which are countable of north Bangal. It is the largest castle-town by volume in Bangladesh. The total area of Bhitorgarh is 12 km. It Has not been possible to calculate the correct time to create Bhitaragara stronghold. However, this stronghold was not built at the same time.initial framework of Bhitargarh is created by the king prthu, that was estimated time is 6th century. Consequently, the area occupied and ruled by the kings of the Pal dynasty and that time it was Extended.
Mohara Raja Dighi in Bhitargarh

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