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Dinajpur Rajbari or Palace

Dinajpur Rajbari : Main Gate
Location of Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari or Palace is situated on the north-east outskirts of the Dinajpur town. The name of the spot well-known as "Raj Batika", near to the village Rajarampur. You don't need to remember the names, just ask any people about the "Rajbari" and they will guide you

Dinajpur Rajbari : The Lion Gate

History of Dinagpur Rajbari or Palace
History says that Raja Dinaj or Dinaraj is the establisher of the Dinajpur Rajbari. But others say that after usurping the Ilyas Shahi rule, the familiar "Raja Ganesh" of the early fifteenth century was the true founder
of this Rajbari . At the end of the seventeenth century Srimanta Dutta Chaudhury became the zamindar of Dinajpur and after him, his sister's son Sukhdeva Ghosh hereditary the property as Srimanta's son had a premature death.

Dinajpur Rajbari : Gate of the Krishna Temple
Structure of Dinajpur Rajbari
In fact the Dinajpur Rajbari is all in its remnant. Most of the palace are tumbledown. Only few structures are alive. While entering the rajbari, you have to pass a tall arched gate facing west. Inside the palace precinct near the gateway on left is a colored Krisna temple and on right, some ruined outhouses and another inner gateway that provides access to an inner square court. Facing the courtyard on the east is a flat-roofed temple You will watch several statue of the Hindu gods inside the Temple.

The Rajbari consist principally of three groups of Mahals (blocks), named as Aina Mahal, Rani Mahal and Thakurbadi Mahal, sides other minor buildings, established by different Rajas and Zamindars at tomes to times. A few number of temples, rest houses, charitable dispensaries, tanks and building of employees and retainers were also made within the Rajbari area. The total area of Rajbari is16.41 acres of land including 2 big tanks on the east and south, the moat, garden, zoo, a tennis court, Katchary and the House of Kumar.

With all this rajbari or palace is a beautiful historical ancient heritage. This Rajbari is not acquired by Bangladesh Govt. For that there is no care is taken. Inside the remnant of the old Dinajpur rajbari, people used to leave the wastes and caused damage day by day of this Palace. So government should take earlier stapes to protect this palace or Rajbari.

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Dinajpur Rajbari : Krishna Temple
Dinajpur Rajbari : Krishna Temple
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari
Garuda / Gorur : This small statue of
Garuda is placed on the campus of Krishna
Tample (17th century) of Dinajpur Rajbari

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