Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Badesbari Mahapith Temple

Badesbari Mahapith Mandir
Badesbari Mahapith Mandir
The Hindu temple Badeshari situated in Boda subdistrict at borososhi council at devi boddeshari mouja at the area of 2.78acre. In 18 puran of hindu's skandha is one.in that skahdha puran in 88 kashi it is said that the king made a worship. the king volanath was the son in law of Shib kind Dakkha.The king Dakkha never accepted shib as his son in law. Because Shib always was careless about life.In the worship all were invited but his son in law husband of his daughter dei urga (parvati/mahamaya) hib was not invited. Hearing this news devi durga died.He was unable to bear the die of his wife and behaved as a mad.then the king of heaven king bishnudev did not tolerate that and send a dudorshon chokro.by the touch of the chakra the body of shib divided in 52 parts. mong the 52 parts of the body 2 fall in Bangladesh. One in chittagong;s sitakundu and another in panchagar;s Boddeshori. where the part of shiv fall the place is called pith.Baddeshori mahaoith is one of them.By the name of the temple boda area is named.by the side of river korotoa the temple is a historical place.

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