Friday, February 10, 2012


Deowan Bari Jamindaar Bari
দেওয়ানবাড়ি জমিদার বাড়ি

Deowan Bari Jamindaar Bari
The founder of Deowan Bari Jamindaar Bari was Fonivuson Mojumdar. Fonivuson Mijumdar Father name was Landlord Radharomon and mother's name as Kusum Kumari Devi who was the second wife of Radharomon. He as born in 1892. This landlord house is a small 2 stores Building. but The main gate of the house is look like as a Mughal Castle - gate. After banned the Real estate practices in 1952 The house was auctioned. Now there have a school and some business center.

Located at Deowan Bari road in Rangpur

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  1. Sanding and painting the floorboards --- I really dislike carpet. In fact, I hate it. I think living with bright blue, moth eaten carpet in our first flat for four years was enough to put me off for life. Every time I'd put the hoover to it, clumps would just disintegrate and fall away - it was awful and gave me too many nightmares about losing our deposi landlord