Friday, February 10, 2012


Keramatiya Mosque
কেরামতিয়া মসজিদ

Keramatiya Mosque
Muslim saint Hajrot Maulana Keramot Ali Jaunapuri (Rh) was the 35 generation of Hajrot Abu Bakkar (Ra) 1st Khalifah (ruler) of Islam. Maulana Jaunapuri (Rh) born in 1225 Hijri at Mulatol colony in Jaunapuri of MadhoProdesh, India. At his Mature age they came to Rangpur for spread Islam. For his wisdom, persona and simple life planning lots of people took Islam as their religion. After his death in 30 may in 1873 beside his tomb the karamotia Mosque was built. rectangular sized this domes mosque Constructed according to the Mughal architecture and local beautiful craft. Its internal size is 42'-0"*13'-0". the Width of the east-west wall of the Mosque is 3'-3" north-south wall is 2'-10". the high of the masjid is 18'-0" from the ground. The domes was built over octogonal drum size platform. in the lower part of the domes there is Marlon designs.

Location :  Rangpur city. Behind the court.
Keramatiya Mosque

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