Sunday, February 12, 2012


Pirgacha Jamindar Bari
পীরগাছা জমিদার বাড়ি

Pirgacha Jamindar Bari
Pirgacha Landlord House
After the death of landlord Rajendro naraon the "Monthona" Estate divided into two part among his two son's Harendra narayan and  Bhyrab Narayan. As a result the landlord house also divided into two part. After the death of Harendra Narayan when his son Mohendra narayan died as Childless then his adopted son Mohendra Narayan was landlord of  the state. After his death Bhupendra Narayan was the last landlord of this estate. kachari house of ruined Landlord house is now used as Pirgasha registrar office.


  1. Building a cabinet and shelves in the living room. The living room is for the most part a rectangle which makes it nice and easy to furnish, but there's also an alcove in the wall where, on the other side, in the front room, the big fireplace is located. It's an odd space and I've been stuck with what to do with it. After lots of Pinterest searching, I've decided that a built-in cabinet and shelves in that space (like we had in our little flat landlord

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