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Tajhat Landlord Palace
তাজহাট জমিদার বাড়ি

Tajhat Jamidar Bari
Tajhat Jamidar Bari
History of Tajhat palace
Tajhat Jamidar Bari in rangpur district on of the importent attractive Archaeological patterns of the country. The founder of Tajhat Actual estate Mannalal was professional jeweler. they came mahiganje & sate-led here. that time mahigang was a famous business city & headquarter of Rangpur. Mahilal established a bulding at tajhat for business per-pus. The long line of Mannalal Roy's relatives succession ends with a grand-grand-son, Giridharilal Roy. Since Giridhari adopted Gobindalal because they had no children who succeeded to the estate in 1879. After they came to live in Tajhat, because of his mass popularity they was Awarded the title of 'Raja' in 1885, 'Raja bahadur' in 1892 & 'Maharaja; in 1896. Raja Gobindolal met a tragic death his own house in the work of a earthquake in 1897. After his died his son gopal lal ray bahadur (1887-1955) got the actual state & start building the Tajhat jamindar bari. in 1917 construction of the palace was completed. After the finish of the British rule when banned the Actual estate practices in 1952 the building was gone under the department of agriculture, although it was used for courthouse in the work of the 1980s. In the year 1987 it was turned in to a museum with ancient inscriptions, art & coins from the area on display.

Tajhat Jamidar Bari
 Description of Tajhat Jamindar Bari
This tow Stores and east faces building 76.20 m long in the front side . A 15.24m. wide staircase in the middle Leads directly above the portico to the 1st Flor made with white marble which imported from Spain . The Tajhat Jamidar palace is crowned by a ribbed conical dome with a tall octagonal neck in the midst of the roof supported by a series of slender semi-Corinthian columns.. This palace has 28 number of rooms. In the ground Flor there has four large room and 11 pair windows. and the main Room size is (145*123). On the south and north side there's rounded pillar. In the front of the palace there is a fountain made by marble stone. from 1st Floor Going directly to the second floor has a expanded staircase. the staircase decorated with designed lamp-stand.

Jamidar Bari
Location of Tajhat Palace
Just south of the city of Rangpur lies the Tajhat palace. The place is located only three km south-east from the Rangpur town .
Tajhat Landlord Palace
Palace staircase
Tajhat Jamidar Bari
Tajhat Jamidar Bari : Fountain
Tajhat Jamidar Bari
Tajhat Landlord Palace
Landlord Palace
Landlord Palace
Tajhat Jamidar Bari : Garden
Tajhat Jamidar Bari : Door


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    88 Ranajit Kumar Roy Jessore-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711934732

    89 Shawpan bhattacharjee Jessore-5 Independent 01712238645

    90 Ismat Ara Sadique Jessore-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01715048138

    91 Prof.(Dr.) Muhammad Serajul Akbar Magura -1 Bangladesh Awami League 01819223603

    92 Shri Biren Sikder Magura -2 Bangladesh Awami League 01715004290

    93 Md. Kabirul Haque Narail-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711192637

    94 Sk. Hafizur Rahman Narail-2 Workers Party of Bangladesh 01712920319

  44. 95 Sheikh Helal Uddin Bagerhat-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01710000017

    96 Advocate Mir Showkat Ali Badsha Bagerhat-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711010831

    97 Talukdar Abdul Khalek Bagerhat-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711820376

    98 Alhaj Dr. Mozammel Hossain Bagerhat-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01715549590

    99 Panchanan Biswas Khulna-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711347920

    100 Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Khulna-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711066001

    101 Begum Monnuzan Sufian Khulna-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01933330330

    102 S.M. Mostafa Rashidi Khulna-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01925620877, 01711523237

    103 Narayon Chandra Chanda Khulna-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711217548, 01923401404

    104 SK. Md. Nurul Haque Khulna-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01714002889

    105 Mustafa Lutfullah Satkhira-1 Workers Party of Bangladesh 01715268075

    106 Mir Mostaque Ahmed Robi Satkhira-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01713003000

    107 Dr. A.F.M. Ruhal Haque Satkhira-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01730441817

    108 S.M. Jaglul Hayder Satkhira-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01712009804

    109 Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu Barguna-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01715016030

    110 Showkat Hasanur Rahman (Rimon) Barguna-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711337244

    111 A.B.M. Ruhul Amin Howlader Patuakhali-1 Jatiya Party 01711560314

    112 A.S.M. Feroz Patuakhali-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711528375

    113 A.K.M Zahangir Hossain Patuakhali-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01716088602

    114 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Patuakhali-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01717718541

    115 Tofail Ahmed Bhola-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01714005566

    116 Ali Azam Bhola-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711333285

    117 Nurunnabi Chowdhury Bhola-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01729298888

    118 Abdullah Al Islam Jakob Bhola-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711526238, 01514444444

    119 Abul Hasnat Abdullah Barisal-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01733597156

    120 Talukder Md.Yunus Barisal-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01712188545

    121 Tipu Sultan Barisal-3 Workers Party of Bangladesh 01711782498

    122 Pankaj Nath Barisal-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01741115656

    123 Zabunnasa Afroz Barisal-5 Bangladesh Awami League -

    124 Nasreen Jahan Ratna Barisal-6 Jatiya Party 01711181577

    125 Bazlul Haque Haroon Jhalokathi-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01775465712

  45. 126 Amir Hossain Amu Jhalokathi-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01199810646

    127 A.K.M.A. Awal (Saydur) Pirojpur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01715036615

    128 Anwar Hossain Pirojpur-2 Jatiya Party (JP) 01711563366

    129 Dr. Md. Rustum Ali Faraji Pirojpur-3 Independent 01711058454

    130 Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak Tangail-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711849363

    131 Khandaker Asaduzzaman Tangail-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01756351989

    132 Amanur Rahman Khan Rana Tangail-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01761868202

    133 Abdul Latif Siddique Tangail-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01726069207

    134 Md. Sanowar Hossain Tangail-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711548233

    135 Kh. Abdul Baten Tangail-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01711370158

    136 Md. Akabbar Hossain Tangail-7 Bangladesh Awami League 01716748818

    137 Vacant Tangail-8

    138 Abul Kalam Azad Jamalpur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01746165254

    139 Md. Faridul Haque Khan Jamalpur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01714046158, 01824989935

    140 Mirza Azam Jamalpur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711524616

    141 Md. Mamunoor Rashid Jamalpur-4 Jatiya Party 01811635302

    142 Md. Rezaul Karim Hira Jamalpur-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711647470

    143 Md. Atiur Rahman Atik Sherpur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711882464

    144 Begum Matia Chowdhury Sherpur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711234048

    145 A.K.M. Fazlul Haque Sherpur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711311269

    146 Promode Mankin Mymensingh-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711933380

    147 Sharif Ahmed Mymensingh-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711289492

    148 Dr. Capt. Mujibur Rahman Fakir (Retd.) Mymensingh-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711289492

    149 Raushon Ershad Mymensingh-4 Jatiya Party 01726111484

    150 Salahuddin Ahmed (Mukti) Mymensingh-5 Jatiya Party 01712711416

    151 Md. Muslem Uddin Mymensingh-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01714040188

    152 M.A. Hannan Mymensingh-7 Jatiya Party 01199641178

    153 Fakhrul Imam Mymensingh-8 Jatiya Party 01711686608

    154 Anwarul Abedin Khan Mymensingh-9 Bangladesh Awami League 01711383702

    155 Fahmi Gulandaz Babel Mymensingh-10 Bangladesh Awami League 01711018365

    156 Prof. Dr. Mohammed Amanullah Mymensingh-11 Bangladesh Awami League 01715078696

    157 Chhabi Biswas Netrokona-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01717466060

  46. 158 Arif Khan Joy Netrokona-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01615247213, 01610201171

    159 Iftiquar Uddin Talukder Pintu Netrokona-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01730303176

    160 Rebecca Momin Netrokona-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01716799507

    161 Waresat Hussain Belal, Bir Protik Netrokona-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01714119465

    162 Syed Ashraful Islam Kishoreganj-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01715403945

    163 Md. Suhrab Uddin Kishoreganj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711606419, 01972606419

    164 Md. Mujibul Haque Kishoreganj-3 Jatiya Party 01720308291

    165 Mr. Rejwan Ahammad Taufiq Kishoreganj-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711530711, 01919530711

    166 Md. Afzal Hossain Kishoreganj-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01917214683

    167 Nazmul Hassan Kishoreganj-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01711522305

    168 A.M Naimur Rahman Manikganj-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711523007

    169 Momotaz Begom Manikganj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711615695

    170 Zahid Maleque Manikganj-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711527308

    171 Sukumar Ranjan Ghosh Munshiganj-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711537151

    172 Sagufta Yasmin Munshiganj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711697353, 01911278077

    173 Mrinal Kanti Munshiganj-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01671575446

    174 Salma Islam Dhaka-1 Jatiya Party 01819241513

    175 Advocate Qamrul Islam Dhaka-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01819229679

    176 Nasrul Hamid Dhaka-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01713011330

    177 Sayed Abu Hossain Dhaka-4 Jatiya Party 01817565764

    178 Habibur Rahman Mollah Dhaka-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01712150347

    179 Kazi Firoz Rashid Dhaka-6 Jatiya Party 01791171717

    180 Haji Mohammad Salim Dhaka-7 Independent 01819259929

    181 Rashed Khan Menon Dhaka-8 Workers Party 01711818975

    182 Saber Hossain Chowdhury Dhaka-9 Bangladesh Awami League 01711523403

    183 Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh Dhaka-10 Bangladesh Awami League 01811483600

    184 A.K.M. Rahmatullah Dhaka-11 Bangladesh Awami League 01617555555

    185 Asaduzzaman Khan Dhaka-12 Bangladesh Awami League 01711541569

    186 Jahangir Kabir Nanak Dhaka-13 Bangladesh Awami League 01711527075

    187 Md. Aslamul Haque Dhaka-14 Bangladesh Awami League 01817026551

    188 Kamal Ahmed Majumder Dhaka-15 Bangladesh Awami League 01711531777

    189 Md. Elias Uddin Mollah Dhaka-16 Bangladesh Awami League 01711533868, 01811424282

  47. 190 S.M. Abul Kalam Azad Dhaka-17 Bangladesh Nationalist Front (BNF) 01819194404

    191 Advocate Sahara Khatun Dhaka-18 Bangladesh Awami League 01552398513

    192 Dr. Md. Enamur Rahaman Dhaka-19 Bangladesh Awami League 01711637923

    193 M.A Maleque Dhaka-20 Bangladesh Awami League 01711784878

    194 A.K.M. Mozammel Huq Gazipur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711680815

    195 Md. Zahid Ahsan Russel Gazipur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711562266

    196 Alhaz Advocate Md. Rahamat Ali Gazipur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711525205

    197 Simeen Hussain(Rimi) Gazipur-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01819253153

    198 Meher Afroze chumki Gazipur-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01733632555, 01711699460

    199 Muhammad Nazrul Islam, Bir Protik Narsingdi-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711548080

    200 Kamrul Asraf Khan Narsingdi-2 Independent 01711562019

    201 Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah Narsingdi-3 Independent 01711548948

    202 Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun Narsingdi-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711643870

    203 Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju Narsingdi-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711541123

    204 Golam Dastagir Gazi, Bir Protik Narayanganj-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01726891992

    205 Md. Nazrul Islam Babu Narayanganj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01712290290, 01711530625

  48. 206 Liyakot Hossain Khoka Narayanganj-3 Jatiya Party 01933390000

    207 Shamim Osman Narayanganj-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01977727779

    208 Nasim Osman Narayanganj-5 Jatiya Party 01713047155

    209 Kazi Keramat Ali Rajbari-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01715564484

    210 Md. Zillul Hakim Rajbari-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711605310

    211 Md. Abdur Rahman Faridpur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711682367

    212 Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury Faridpur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01772371222

    213 Eng. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain Faridpur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711564644

    214 Mujibur Rahamn Chowdhury Faridpur-4 Independent 01713010537

    215 Lt. Col. Muhammad Faruk Khan (Retd.) Gopalgonj-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01713001764

    216 Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim Gopalgonj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711549799

    217 Sheikh Hasina Gopalgonj-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01841227777

    218 Noor-E-Alam Chowdhury Madaripur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01713032231

    219 Shajahan Khan Madaripur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711638198, 01552334480

    220 A.F.M. Bahauddin (Nasim) Madaripur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01746011455, 01746011445

    221 B.M. Muzammel Haque Shariatpur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711387460

    222 Col. Shawkat Ali (Retd.) Shariatpur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01713060775

    223 Nahim Razzaq Shariatpur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01715040983

    224 Mouazzam Hossain Ratan Sunamganj-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01715020833

    225 Suranjit Sengupta Sunamganj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711890202

    226 M.A. Mannan Sunamganj-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01715039307

    227 Pir Fazlur Rahman Sunamganj-4 Jatiya Party 01726899499

    228 Mohibur Rahman Manik Sunamganj-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711139785

    229 Abul Maal Abdul Muhith Sylhet-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711565790

    230 Md. Yahya Chowdhury Sylhet-2 Jatiya Party 01715744717

    231 Mahmud Us Samad Chowdhury Sylhet-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711568139

    232 Imran Ahmad Sylhet-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711327689

    233 Salim Uddin Sylhet-5 Jatiya Party 01727519519

    234 Nurul Islam Nahid Sylhet-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01820151315, 01711801557

    235 Md. Shahab Uddin Maulvibazar-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01715342277

    236 Md. Abdul Matin Maulvibazar-2 Independent 01716687006

  49. 237 Syed Mohsin Ali Maulvibazar-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711437674

    238 Vice Principal Md. Abdus Shahid Maulvibazar-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01736053200

    239 Mohammad Abdul Munim Chowdhury Habiganj-1 Jatiya Party 01756645220

    240 Md. Abdul Majid Khan Habiganj-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01712164424

    241 Advocate Md. Abu Zahir Habiganj-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711835803

    242 Md. Mahbub Ali Habiganj-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711209847, 01788537140

    243 Muhammed. Sayedul Haque Brahmanbaria-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01717404110

    244 Advocate Md. Ziaul Haque Mridha Brahmanbaria-2 Jatiya Party 01711113263

    245 R. A. M Obaidul Muktadir Chowdhury Brahmanbaria-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01711835515

    246 Anisul Huq Brahmanbaria-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711592213

    247 Fayzur Rahman Brahmanbaria-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01713333226

    248 Captain A B Tajul Islam ( Retd.) Brahmanbaria-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01713037107

    249 Major General Mohammad Shubid Ali Bhuiyan (Retd.) Comilla-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01199853727

    250 Mohammed Amir Hossain Comilla-2 Jatiya Party 01711737076

    251 Yussuf Abdullah Harun Comilla-3 Independent 01711522965

    252 Razee Mohammad Fakhrul Comilla-4 Independent 01819212324

    253 Abdul Matin Khasru Comilla-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711527220

    254 A.K.M. Bahauddin Comilla-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01711335002, 01673322172

    255 Professor Md. Ali Ashraf Comilla-7 Bangladesh Awami League 01711564571

    256 Nurul Islam Milon Comilla-8 Jatiya Party 01715062176

    257 Md.Tajul Islam Comilla-9 Bangladesh Awami League 01711538696

    258 A.H.M Mustafa Kamal Comilla-10 Bangladesh Awami League 01713123455

    259 Md. Mazibul Hoque Comilla-11 Bangladesh Awami League 01711897034

    260 Dr. Mahiuddin Khan Alamgir Chandpur-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01745780998

    261 Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury (Maya) Chandpur-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01911664643

    262 Dr.Dipu Moni Chandpur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01674769621

    263 Dr. Mohammed Shamsul Hoque Bhuyan Chandpur-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01819225903

    264 Major Rafiqul Islam (Retd.) Bir Uttam Chandpur-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01711560907

    265 Shirin Akhter Feni-1 Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal 01713011893

  50. 266 Nizam Uddin Hazari Feni-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01715307080, 01975307080

    267 Rahim Ullah Feni-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01819243117

    268 H.M. Ibrahim Noakhali-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711524024

    269 Morshed Alam Noakhali-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01713000566

    270 Md. Mamunur Rashid Kiron Noakhali-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01817211113, 01711332316

    271 Mohammed Ekramul Karim Chowdhury Noakhali-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01713210140

    272 Obaidul Quader Noakhali-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01731254320

    273 Ayesha Ferdaus Noakhali-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01717601717

    274 M.A. Awal Laxmipur-1 Bangladesh Tarikat Federation 01757419601, 01716534470

    275 Mohammad Noman Laxmipur-2 Jatiya Party 01711228707

    276 A.K.M Shahgahan Kamal Laxmipur-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01715408052

    277 Mohd. Abdullah Laxmipur-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711548881

    278 Eng. Mosharraf Hossain Chittagong-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01711144233

    279 Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizvandary Chittagong-2 Bangladesh Tarikat Federation 01711810410

    280 Mahfuzur Rahaman Chittagong-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01713012949

    281 Didarul Alam Chittagong-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711725242

    282 Anisul Islam Mahmud Chittagong-5 Jatiya Party 01711522864

    283 A.B.M. Fazle Karim Chowdhury Chittagong-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01726000480

    284 Mohammad Hasan Mahmud Chittagong-7 Bangladesh Awami League 01917740545

    285 Moin Uddin Khan Badal Chittagong-8 Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal 01711406526

    286 Jia Uddin Ahmed (Bablu) Chittagong-9 Jatiya Party 01711566760

    287 Md. Afsarul Amin Chittagong-10 Bangladesh Awami League 01813716015

    288 M. Abdul Latif Chittagong-11 Bangladesh Awami League 01711351777

    289 Shamsul Hoque Chowdhury Chittagong-12 Bangladesh Awami League 01819076756

    290 Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Chittagong-13 Bangladesh Awami League

    291 Md. Nazrul Islam Chowdhury Chittagong-14 Bangladesh Awami League 01816614015

    292 Abu Reza Muhammad Nezamuddin Chittagong-15 Bangladesh Awami League 01713120220

    293 Mustafizur Rahaman Chowdhury Chittagong-16 Bangladesh Awami League 01819365277, 01714167970

    294 Mohammed Ellias Cox's Bazar-1 Jatiya Party 01712137475

    295 Asheq Ullah Rafiq Cox's Bazar-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01711979038

    296 Shaimum Sarwar Kamal Cox's Bazar-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01720000048, 01720000049

    297 Abdur Rahman Badi Cox's Bazar-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01713462788

  51. 298 Kujendra Lal Tripura Khagrachhari Bangladesh Awami League 01556744788, 01819943023

    299 Ushatan Talukder Rangamati Independent 01553479281

    300 Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing Bandarban Bangladesh Awami League 01711704141

    301 MST. SELINA JAHAN LITA Seat-1 Bangladesh Awami League 01721009300

    302 SAFURA BEGUM Seat-2 Bangladesh Awami League 01712601056

    303 HOSNE ARA LUTFA DALIA Seat-3 Bangladesh Awami League 01718056160

    304 ADV. UMME KULSUM SMRITY Seat-4 Bangladesh Awami League 01711395132

    305 BEGUM AKHTAR JAHAN Seat-5 Bangladesh Awami League 01718024222

    306 SALANA BEGUM Seat-6 Bangladesh Awami League 01711977777

    307 SELINA AKHTER BANU Seat-7 Bangladesh Awami League 01712152170

    308 LAILA ARJUMAN BANU Seat-8 Bangladesh Awami League 01819227118

    309 MTS. SHIRIN NEYEEM Seat-9 Bangladesh Awami League 01712504321

    310 KAMRUL LAILA JOLLY Seat-10 Bangladesh Awami League 01758742668

    311 HAPPY BARAL Seat-11 Bangladesh Awami League 01711664413

    312 REFAT AMIN Seat-12 Bangladesh Awami League 01818441042, 047163236

    313 NASIMA FERDUSHE Seat-13 Bangladesh Awami League 01712235553

    314 MISSES LUTFUN NESA Seat-14 Bangladesh Awami League 01716845447

    315 MOMOTAJ BEGUM. AD Seat-15 Bangladesh Awami League 01191214653

    316 TARANA HALIM Seat-16 Bangladesh Awami League 01731221205

    317 MONOWARA BEGUM Seat-17 Bangladesh Awami League 01720005884

    318 MAHJABEEN KHALED Seat-18 Bangladesh Awami League 01711530164

    319 FATEMA ZOHORA RANI Seat-19 Bangladesh Awami League 01718353807

    320 DILARA BEGUM Seat-20 Bangladesh Awami League 01717064919

    321 FATEMA TUZZAHURA Seat-21 Bangladesh Awami League 01716149218

    322 FAZILATUN NESSA Seat-22 Bangladesh Awami League 01711053188

    323 PINU KHAN Seat-23 Bangladesh Awami League 01716882638

    324 SANJIDA KHANAM Seat-24 Bangladesh Awami League 01712149019

    325 NILUFER ZAFARULLA Seat-25 Bangladesh Awami League 01734907909

    326 ROKSANA YASMIN SUTY Seat-26 Bangladesh Awami League 01711880173

    327 ADVOCATE NAVANA AKTER Seat-27 Bangladesh Awami League 01726985920

    328 AMATUL KIBRIA KEYA Seat-28 Bangladesh Awami League 01711104100

  52. 329 SHAMSUN NAHAR BEGUM (ADVOCAT) Seat-29 Bangladesh Awami League 01712593044

    330 FAZILATUN NASA BAPPY Seat-30 Bangladesh Awami League 01711901300

    331 WASEQA AYESHA KHAN Seat-31 Bangladesh Awami League 01711867589

    332 JAHAN ARA BEGUM SURMA Seat-32 Bangladesh Awami League 01712508224

    333 FIROJA BEGUM .CHINO Seat-33 Bangladesh Awami League 01558803537, 01820306864

    334 AMINA AHMED Seat-34 Bangladesh Awami League 01713062107

    335 SABINA AKTER TUHIN Seat-35 Bangladesh Awami League 01710880004

    336 RAHIMA AKHTER Seat-36 Bangladesh Awami League 01988507033

    337 HOSNE ARA BEGUM Seat-37 Bangladesh Awami League 01720518198

    338 KAMRUN NAHAR CHOWDURY Seat-38 Bangladesh Awami League 01715986682

    339 HAZERA KHATUN Seat-39 Workers Party of Bangladesh 01683472231

    340 LUTFA TAHER Seat-40 Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal 01727640908

    341 QUAZI ROSY Seat-41 Independent 01715185694

    342 NURJAHAN BEGUM Seat-42 Independent 01747327778

    343 UMMEY RAZIA KAJOL Seat-43 Independent 01716004975

    344 NUR-E-HASNA LILY CHOWDHURY Seat-44 Jatiya Party 01713122281

    345 MAHJABEEN MORSHED Seat-45 Jatiya Party 01715600818

    346 MERINA RAHAMAN Seat-46 Jatiya Party 01713016058

    347 ROWSHAN ARA MANNAN Seat-47 Jatiya Party 01713005497

    348 SHAHANARA BEGUM Seat-48 Jatiya Party 01911198166

    349 Sabiha Nahar Begum Seat-49 Bangladesh Awami League 01911119929

    350 Khorshed Ara Haque Seat-50 Jatiya Party 01826474914

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