Thursday, February 9, 2012

TOMB OF TWELVE SAINT (Baro Auliya-r majar)

Baro Auliya-r Mazar
বার আউলিয়ার মাজার

Tomb of baro Auliya : Baro Auliyar Mazar
Tomb of baro Auliya (12 saint) is located at Baro Auliya mowja, Mirzapur union, Atoyari sub district in Panchagarh district. The total area of Baro Auliya Mowja is 47.73 acres. There have a Madrasah and a orphan house. It is known that 12 Muslim saint came from Middle east and start Live in for Spread Islam around this area. And it is the place to bury them, when they died. For this it was named as tomb of Baro Auliya majar (12 saint tomb).

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