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Bir Sreshtho Mostofa Kamal Memorial Museum

Beer Srestho Mostofa Kamal Memorial Musium
A Museum:
Mostofa Kamal better known as Shaheed Sepoy Mostafa Kamal was a sepoy in the Bangladesh Army during the Liberation War. Mostafa Kamal was a well known boxer. A Memorial Museum of Bir Shrestho Mostofa kamal is situated at his home district Bhola name Bir Shrestho Mostofa kamal Memorial Museum.

Beer Srestho Mostofa Kama

Mostofa Kamal's father was a Habildar in the Pakistan army.  On sixteenth Dec. 1967, Kamal escaped from his home and joined the EBR. Bangladesh Liberation War started in 1971, EBR had taken the control of Brahmanbaria with three Defense bases at Aashuganj, Ujanishwar and Anderson lake.For Pakistani army's continued attacking with EBR retreated back to Aakhaura, Shangi Nagar and Daruin. Second Platoon was sent to Daruin to reinforce the troops. Mostafa Kamal was a soldier of this platoon. Mostofa Kamal sacrifice his life for his country at Daruin on 18 April 1971 during a battle against the Pakistan. Army.

EBR = East Bangle Regiment

Mustafa Kamal Grave
1. Born in                                         : 1947.
2. His birth place is the village           : Poshchim Hajipur; upazilla: Daulatkhana;  district: Bhola.
3. Mostofa Kamal had his education : only up to second grade.
4. He was posthumously rewarded the highest gallantry award in Bangladesh                                   : “Bir Shrestho”
5. A postage stamp was also published to pay respect to him.

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