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Brojomohun College
Brojo Mohan College
Brojo Mohan College
Barisal Zilla School (Govt. School) was founded in 1854, but the school was not large enough to serve the speedily increasing numbers of students. To solve the problem, Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta built a new school in 1884. But there was no enough facility of higher education. For that Ramesh Chandra Dutta the district magistrate at that time, requested Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta to establish a college .As a result Aswini Kumar Dutta established Brojo Mohan College (BM College) 14th June in 1889.
Impotent information :
1. First principal : Babu Gyan Chandra Chowdhury.
2. Transformed into a "1st Grade College" from a "2nd Grade College" in 189.
3. The college went to the Government management from personal management strategy in 1912.
4. Now twenty degree (pass) courses, eighteen Honors courses and nineteen Masters courses
5. H.S.C. course have been stopped since 1999.
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BM College
Brojo Mohon College
Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta


  1. Ihave studed in B.M SCHOOL & B.M COLLEGE FROM 1961 to 1967 & 1972 to 1975 and complited B.SC. from this college.
    After libaration of BANGLADESH and after long times SARASWATI PUJA has startet inthe college from 1972 where i have taken activ part with felp PROF. SUNIL BOSE .Allthis rememberence are still alive.I left BARISAL inthe year 1975.

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