Thursday, December 29, 2011


Fatra forest at kuakata

Fatra forest : A part of Sundarban
Fatra mangrove forest
Fatra forest is near KuaKata. It is extended part of the Sundarban mangrove forest. The main tree is Sundari . There are also few other trees found. In Fatra forest you will found various kinds of animals like monkey, jackals, Bagdas (One kind of little tiger) etc. You can go to visiting Fatra forest . Visiting Fatra forest by trailer is a excellent experience for you. You can watch big tide like 30 feet in highest and it is thrilling how the fisherman avoid these waves. Government took stape to built an eco-park there. In Fatra forest there are are few stalls offer you safe nice boating experience, excellent arrangement for picnic etc. A picnic party has to pay of thosend taka max. to the forest department and they have to arrange their own boats in order to travel Fatra forest.

Fatra forest
Fatra forest area

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