Saturday, December 24, 2011


Dhansiri And  Uncle's house of poet Jibonando Das
কবি জীবনানন্দ দাস এর মামা বাড়ি

Dhansiri: Dhansiri river
Uncle's  house of poet Jibonando Das
The river Dhansiri is the dream river for the poet of nature Jibonando Das. Standing here he made "Abar asibi fire Dhansiritir tire ei banglai" (i will come back beside this river Dhansiri in this Bangla). His father's name Sottanondo Das and mothers name Kusum Kumari Das. His nick name is Mil. His old residence is Gougara, Bikrompur. But his birth place is Barisal's Notun Bajar. He took birth in 17th feb, in 1899. The river Dhansiri is at Rajapur subdistrict in present Jhalokati. In time of the rule of british, steamer went from one place to another among Barisal-Jhalakathi-Rajapur-Saturia-Coukhali-Pirojpur-Khulna-Kolkata. There is paddy field in both sides of the river. Beside the bank of the river there was his uncles(mother's brother) house at Bamankathi village. The poet used to came in uncle's house with his parents in his childhood. He used to live in Barisal with his parents but his uncle's house is his favourite place. He enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery of the river Dhansiri.

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