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Muhuri Irrigation Project

Muhuri Irrigation Project
Muhuri Irrigation Project is one of the importent irrigation project of Bangladesh  Started in 1977-1978 finised in 1985-1986 Which depends on the waters of three rivers Feni, Muhuri and Kalidas Pahalia.  A sluice gate of fourty foct has been built to provide water to Feni Sadar, Chagalnaia, Porshuram, Fulgazi, Shonagazi and few area of Mirshorai sub-district of Chittagong for reducing the Possibility of flood in the rainy season and also for the Aman crops. A Japane company SIMUJHU construct this project with the help of SIDA, EEC and World Bank.

Irrigation Projects impact on this area :

1. 20194 hector area are got irrigation facility and 27125 hector areas got full irrigation facility.
2. Many Picnic spot and park has been built beside this project.
3. visitor from many places of the country come to visit its natural beauty.
4. It constitutes the artificial dam, Courses & Programs, fish sanctuary, different birds, low barriers of stone Durba immaculate grass bed around the regulator.
5. One can see many kind of duck and almost about 50000 species of birds if he takes a tour by boat.

Muhuri Irrigation Project:
20 km away from Feni Sadar to Shonagazi Subdistrict Sadar > another 20 kilometers from Shonagazi subdistrict Sadar. total distance 40 km from Feni sadar.

Accommodation facilities:

Bungalow of BWDB near the spot or District Council Postal Bungalow and Residential Hotel - Restaurant Nasir and residential hotels 20 km away from the tourists’ place, in Upajilla Sadar

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