Friday, December 23, 2011


Siddhakathi Jamindar Bari
সিদ্ধকাঠি জমিদার বাড়ী

Siddhakathi Jamindar Bari
Siddhakathi landlord buildings
Siddha kathi landlord house is the house of Siddhakathi Rai Chowdhy. It is Kamini Ray's fathers-in-law's house. The main building was destroyed. There is some debris of some building with a Rangmahal. Well decorated pond is the witness of time. Siddhakathi school was made by landlord Jagot Prosonno Ray. It is in its own height till now. This landlord house is in 3/4 km distance from Nalchiti sadorat at siddhakathi village.

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  1. I want go, but I don't no
    which area was Our home in Sidda Khati..