Friday, December 23, 2011

KULKATHI SHIDIYA (A symbol of British rule)

Kulkathi Sahidiya (Martyr monument)
কুলকাঠি শহীদিয়া

Kulkathi Sahidiya: Martyr monument
Kulkathi Sahidiya
The most heart touching memory of Britsh Rules is Kulkathi. By the conspiracy of local Hindus and with the order of Majistrate E. N. Brandey Gurca soldiers fired on Muslim and 19 Muslim People died. Again many were injured.The grave of the 19 died muslim people is here at kulkathi village at Nalchati Thana. After crossing the college Kheyaghata, 3/4 km shold pass to get Kulkhati village.This is a symbol of British rule.

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