Thursday, December 8, 2011


Shirin of Hazrat Pagla Miah or Syed Amir Uddin (Rh)

Shrine of Hazrat pagla baba (Feni District)
The shrine of  Pagla Miah one of the main attractions of Feni District Sadar. The origenal name of the saint Pagla Miah was Syed Amir Uddin (rah), A Muslim saint of 18th century.His birth place is Fazilpur Dhanua village. Brown in 1823 and died in 1887. People celebrate orosh in his shrine on the 1st Thursday of every Falgun (Bengali month) which was his birthday. Lot of visitor come there from varity religions. He has made a large impact on the lives and livelihood of the modern civilization of Feni. There are many common rumors are about his supernatural power.

Location :

One km south-west from Feni railway station
In Takia road beside the big Jam-e-masjid
One half km from Feni zero point.

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