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Monpura Island

Monpura island
Monpura Island:
Monpura is one of the famous nice island at Bhola in Bangladesh. Small Monpura island under charfashion subdistrict full of forest under forestry. The main attractions of monpura are Spotted deer, Monkey, python and lots of different kinds of Birds. The greens formed  by the Forest Department  about a decade ago and the natural beauty has turned coastal Monpura island  into an attractive tourist places. Animals were also released at same time. During winter season, lots of foreign birds come to the islands. The main attractive feature of this Island is one can see both sunrise and sunset from here. 

Monpura dwip
This Island has different historical importance from colonial times. About 600 years ago, Portuguese pirates used to take shelter in the Monpura  island. When the Portugueses were left the island, people from Bhola, Laxmipur and Noakhali started living there. This island is also play role in British India. In 1800, the rebellious salt-producers attacked the head office of the Greek businessman Demotirus in South Shahbajpur and killed his employee Paliolgas. three hundred fourteen salt-producers were carrested at the order of District Magistrate Middleton. For that three hundred fifty salt-producers of this Island went elsewhere in 1818.

Monpura dwip: Migratory birds
A Resort:
The natural beauty of Monpura can not be utilised due to lack of any Gov. decisions and help. There are many possiblity to build tourists spots in this island. It’s 70,000 people are poor. A tourist spot can change their life. A person name Baschu Chowdhry has built a tourist resort on 161 acres of land. Mainly it is a farmhouse. Deer, several hundred cows in a farm, fishes in few ponds, gardens, orchards and lots of coconut trees there. It will attract anybody's. There has all facilities.

Migratory birds
How to reach:
Bhola from Dhaka:   Water way 193 miles
                                 road way 325 miles
Steamer service is available from Dhaka
It's 16 hour journey from 5.00 pm to 9.00 am.
Limited accommodation facilities
You found here fresh sea food here

Migratory birds
Monpura island
Domestic animal
Monpura island: Fisher man
Monpura island
Monpura island
Monpura island


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