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Shrine of Bayazid Bostami (Rh)

Tobm of Bayazid Bostam (Rh)
Shrine of Bayazid Bostami (Rh):

Bayazid Bostami was a Well-known Persian saint born in Bostam, Iran. His Tomb and Mosque are located in the Nasirabad of Chittagong. It is a complex consists a tomb a mosque and a big pond. This tomb was built in 1831 on a hill area. The tomb is enclosure of 9.15 m squre wall and  4.58m high with battlement and a pillar rising o.61 m above them at each angle.  A sarcophagus was in the centre of the area (3.66m : 2.75m).
Bayazid Bostami (Rh) Mosque

Old Mosque of the Shrine:

There is an old three-domed mosque with Mughal architecture built at mughal period. In the middle of the mosque has a big dome and beside its has a small dome.At the 4 corners has four affianced octagonal Minaret, capped with cupola, furnished with raised bands. The bottom of the Minaret is shaped like a vase.It has three doors the middle one is bigger.

Bostami Kachim
Pond of the Tomb:

In the front side of the shirin, there has a big pond named localy Bayazid Bostami Pukur. In the pond there has well number of Black Soft Shell turtle. The turtles has another name that is Bostami Kachim called locally as Gadali-Madali. The turle are very rare now only found this freshwater turtle in india (assam) and Bangladesh (Chittagong). As of 2002, the IUCN classified the species as Extinct in the Wild.

For more details: About Bayazid Bostami (Rh) and his Shrine

Tomb of Bayazid Bostami (Rh)

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