Thursday, November 24, 2011


Shima Buddhist Bihar

This is a photo of Shima Bihar temple's

Ramu Shima Buddhist Bihar is situated at Fateh Khan Kuli Union in Ramu. The Shima Buddhist Bihar was built about four hundred years ago. After 3 times reconstruction , present Shima Bihar has changed its location.

Present Bihar’s age is about two hundred years. The Bihar was made by traditional Burmese wood frame shape. There are two Bihar, Shima Bihar is the big one. Buddha Statues in this Bihar are so pleasant.

In the Bhiar also a so much wealthy library in which the script is written in Burmese language. There has many books such as Buddhist religious book, history, literature and philosophy.

This is a Ven Upagupta's Photo of Ramu Shima Bihar.

A photo of Ramu Shima bihar buddha murti.

 This is a Buddhah murti of new Shima Bihar.

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