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Teknaf Ghat

Teknaf map

Teknaf is a sub-district of Cox's Bazar district. Most southern tip point of Bangladesh and an old-world border town. Teknaf located on the Naaf river and just at the tip of the hilly area of Cox's Bazar. By road Its about 90 km from Cox's Bazar. For geographically it is most lovely place for the locall and foreign traveler. Winter and Auumn is the best time for visit this place. Here naaf river is the border line between Bangladesh and Myanmar.


The most enjoyable thing is a journey on the Naaf river. As a natural beautiful place wild animals and birds are available. You can buy Burmese & tribal handicaft in the local Burmese Market. Cruise by sampan(boat) is one of ihe main attraction of teknaf. In Teknaf have an opportunity to ovserve the culture of Arkan and Rakhain people. An attractiv tourist place is Teknaf sea beach, one of the longest sandy beach ecosystems (eighty km) in the world. There also a beautiful beach at shah-pari dweep. And it is located furthest from Teknaf sub-district.

Teknaf Beach
How to reach:

You can come to Teknaf by an jeep drive beside the beach or by bus or Microbus on the  road.

 Naaf River
Teknaf hill view
Teknaf Beach - Sampan (one kind of boat) 

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