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Mountain Tajingdong
 Tajingdong ridge seen from the trail to Sherkor Para

Name:  Tazing dong also known as "Bijoy". Also spelled as Tahjingdong,
Hight:  Tajingdong is about 1,280 meters high from the sea level.
Location: Situated in remakri pangsha union under Ruma upazilla of Bandarban in Bangladesh.
Meaning of Tajingdong:  According to local tribal language“Tajing” means “Great” & “Dong” means “Hill” so that means “Great hill”.
Community:  Various tribal community is developed surrounding the mountain and their living styles are so natural. 

There are three different peaks of Tajindong rang named as Chir Chir Moy, Tajingdong and another one is unnamed.This remote area is full of natural beauty. Here you can see many small and big mountains and hills. This area is covered with dense forests, birds and animals.

How to reach:

For visiting Tajingdong you have to reach at Bandarban first then go to Ruma Upazilla. As it is a remote area of Bangladesh, the road is not so plain.The communication systems of Bogalake become very difficult in the Rainy season.From Ruma you can hire a pickup or jeep (locally known as “Chander Gari”) up to Koikhong Jiri.  You can also go there by buying tickets of Chander Gari or Bus. It will take 1-1.30 hrs. Koikhhong Jiri to Ruma you have to go by 1 hour boat journey. Again Ruma to Boga Lake you should hire a jeep. Then you have to walk through the hills from Boga Lake to Tajingdong.

Accommodation facility:

In Bandarban you can stay at Porjoton Motel, Govt. Rest house and lots of hotel & motel within the cost of 100 taka to several 1000 takes. In Ruma bazaar you can stay Hotel Hilton or any other Boarding or any tribal house. Without anywhere mentioned previously you can stay any tribal house with negotiation. You have to confirm at first the hotel reservation before going to Ruma, otherwise you will have no alternative passing the night. Except the rest houses of district council In Bogalake There is no other accommodation facility.


This journey is very much laborious. So keep confidence. Always carry drinking water and first aid box. Show positive attitude with local people and should respect the tribal culture. In Bogalake There is no mobile network, no restaurant and also no good road communication.You should start your journey early in the morning from Bogalake to reach Tajingdong and it may take 7 to 8 hours to reach Tajingdong. You should remember that after 4 pm you are not allowed to leave Ruma for visiting Bogalake, Keokradong or Tajingdong.


Many tourist visits the Tajingdong Mountain in every year. It is the place of surprising beauty. This natural beauty is surely attracts the mind of the adventurous people. In the winter season many adventurous tourist visit this place with great excitement. You will pleased with the dazzling beauty of green hill, cool fountains, zigzag path, hilly road side, hide and seek game of clouds on the top of the hill.

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