Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Midingachhori Waterfall

Midingachhori Waterfall is live Waterfall, and used to produce water more or less throughout the year. 99% of the tourists don’t used to visit this place due to lack of security. The only available path to reach at the waterfall is through water.So if you want to visit this places you will need to hire an engine boat from "Rajbari Ghat".Midingachhori and shuvolong Waterfall path is same, that water way. Both side of the river has hills covered with solid rocks.

At Shublong bazaar, you have to stop your boat, and the Army will ask you about your voyage. Just a routine check.From that place. it took around 30 minutes to reach the Midingachhori School. Since no tourist here, you'll find almost no engine boat around. All are rowing boats, which are very fast. Tribal people are moving one place to another using those boats.

Midingachhori Waterfall is just behind the school and you'll find the waterfall if you go further through the canal. From the main lake, there is a small canal about 50 meter will take you inside. This is not visible from the lake. Or you can ask the people around it. And you can reach the base where the stream of the water is dropping at the lake water by using your boat . Its a bit hard to reach at the bottom of the waterfall.
Its amazing, cause no torust, no chaos, only the dropping of the water. This is producing small amount of water, but through out the year it used to produce water like that.Its a live waterfall, and it never dry up(according to local).

NOTE: it looks  most beautiful during Rainy season. So You should must visit this Midingachhori Waterfall

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