Saturday, November 5, 2011



Nil_giri, the mountain of blues. A tourism centre and 2200 feet high from sea level. This is around 47 kilometers from Bandarban town. Nil_giri is an excellent place for sight seeing. It is the highest Hill Resort of Bangladesh, with very attractive natural beauty. The sky and hill are making a good relation  here. You will be gassed when you see that the cloudy sky often kisses the peak of the mountain. You can see and enjoy the movement of ships in the Bay of Bengal at sunlight. The clouds sometimes touch and kiss you. Clouds are playing with you and you can touch them. At rainy season clouds are touching position from you. It is a ideal place for photo shoot of the natural beauty.

Nil_giri is a resort controlled by the Bangladesh Army.The services of  Nilgiri are very fine. The army manages it methodically and orderly.You don't need to take any extra permission to visit the place, except foreigners with you, or you are a foreigner, then you have to take permission from the DC of Banderban. If you go there, you can never forget the sight seeing and attractiveness of this sight.

You have to hire a car, or chander gari to reach the nilgiri from Bandarban town. The hotels of the bandarban town are really cheap. For your travel you can stay there. Also you can stay at "Nilgiri Resort" of Nil_giri mountain if you are interested . Around 2 weeks beforeYou have to book the rooms you visit the place due to rush.

Nil_giri is a place, full of calmness and serenity. So, do you have the passion to touch wet cloud? Have you want to make relation with sky and hills? Nil_giri is waiting for you with beauty.

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