Thursday, November 24, 2011


Cox's Bazar
 Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar

There has many places to visit in Cox's Bazar Ramu is one of them. It is an Upazela of Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also Ramu Is one of the major tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is a familiar Buddhist village, Ramu 16 km from Cox’s Bazar. Here you will find Buddhist Monasteries, Khayangs and pagodas etc. In Ramu, you will find plenty of statues made by various metals. Ramu has the largest coconut garden among south Asia. Also Has a Rubber Garden almost 2130 acres of land.

Tourist spot at Ramu: 

The most visited tourist spot of Ramu is its Buddhist’s Temple near Baakkhali River on Tiger Canal name Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar

Shima Bihar Situated at Fateh Khan Kuli Union in Ramu. The original Bihar age is about four hundred years. reconstruction after 3 times, present Bihar has changed its location. Now it’s age is about 2hundred years.

Another Bihar named ‘Lama Para Bihar’ situated few minutes walking difference from  Sheema Bihar.

Not only leargest  coconut gearden in bangladesh but also among the south asia.

Rubber Garden :

At Ramu: This Rubber Garden is famous for its hugeness. For cultivate Rubber almost 2130 acres of land is used.


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