Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HIMCHARI NATIONAL PARK (Evergreen and semi-ever-green tropical forests)

Himchari national park
Himchari national park
Himchari national park
Himchari national park is a beautiful tropical rain forest around the South Asia. It formed the reserve forest areas of Bhangamura and Chainda blocks under the Cox’s Bazaar South Forest Division. this is Located about twielve km south from Cox’s bazar. The park was established in 1980. This place is managed by the Bangladesh  government for the local and the foreign tourist. The Park is also attractive for the biologist.

Himchari national park : Sea view
 Park information: 
The park divided into high forest, low forest & grasslands. Evergreen and semi-ever-green tropical forests.

Around 58 species of trees, 15 species of shrubs, 4 species grasses, 19 climbers and 21 species of herbs altogether 117 plant species are available here.

Animal: There are 55 species of mammals, 286 species of aves, 56 species of reptiles and 13 species of amphibians are found in this evergreen forest. Here also some number of elephants.

Himchari is a place consisting the scenic beauty of green hills and blue waves of Bay of Bangle. A waterfall in the National Park which is a major attraction to the visitor.

Himchari national park
Area:            1729 hectare 
Visiting fee:   5tk only 
visitor:       More then 2,00,000 per     year

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