Friday, November 25, 2011


Ramu Rubber Garden

Ramu is also well-known for it's Rubber garden and attractive spots for the visitor. This garden is located about One km. north of chowmuhuny of Ramu. The Rubber Garden is familiar for its hugeness.The garden is largest supplier of rubber in the country. Almost 2130 acres of land is used for cultivate Rubber.

This garden is started at 1961 planting about 52800 plants on 330 acre of area but now there has about 140000 plant on 2130 acre of sands. The calmness of the garden and the sweet chirping of mysterious birds allow you to enter in a heavenly atmosphere. Different sized hill and huge greenery magnetize you without any question. The place is really lovely. If you want to see how they make rubber from the tree you should must visite this rabber garden.

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