Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Raikhong Lake

This lake is situated at the Rangamati district, not at Bandarban. But, for its location, you have to go there through the Bandarban. I believe that will be the easiest way among all other available, because Rangamati offers communication throw water path only, and also the lake is at the last corner of Rangamati district. No matter how you are going, I'll recommend you to pick an expert or guide with you.

Around the lake, you'll find two villages, one is at the eastern bank of the lake, and other one is at western bank. Those villages are known as PukurPara. May be its because of having around the lake. Both the village denizens are Tripura, but religiously Christian. People from West side of the lake used to do uphill and downhill task to come at the lake, but at eastern side's villagers can access the lake easily being so close of it, and having almost at flatland.

People also call this lake as PukurPara lake. Also few local people  pronouncing the lake's name as Raichong. Not sure which one will be the correct one. No matter what they are saying, or what we are, the beauty of the lake is not going to decrease by that.Local people used to catch fish from the lake. There is no prohibition about catching fish from that giant lake. Tilapia(তেলাপিয়া) is the first choice from those fishes to stuck over the net of the fishermen.

At the eastern corner of the lake, there is a tiny Jhiri generated from the lake water. probably that was created to keep the level of the lake water under control. During the rainy season the abundant water from the lake used to pass through that channel and used to join with the Raikhong Canal.Being many hills around the lake, and the mysterious behavior from the sky, you'll find different colorful scene at the lake water.

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