Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dhupchhori Waterall

Dhupchhori waterfall is located at the left side of your hand when you are going towards the Shubolong Waterfall from Rangamati. It will be around 5-10 minutes before. At the left hand side of your hand. Everyday plenty of tourists used to visit this path for the Shubolong Waterfall, but most of them don't find this one. Main reason is they are not heard about this one. Though its at left side, but its behind the trees and a small narrow passage. That's why from boat, tts not visible to the tourist.

This is a seasonal waterfall, only available during Rainy Season. Unlike other seasonal waterfall, this one used to produce prominent amount of water.Its not available to dry season, so no tourist used to come here.Due to less tourist at the spot, you can easily feel the calm and peaceful environment

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