Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pukurpara jhorna

This country has several waterfalls scattered all around.PukurparaWaterfall is just one from that list.The waterfall that I'm going to introduce with you is a bit different than those. Interestingly the waterfall is located at the Bilaichhori Thana of Rangamati district. But to have an access to the waterfall, you need to use the trekking routes from Bandarban. It is just few hundreds meter apart from the Bandarban district's border. This waterfall is currently the widest waterfall from Bangladesh. It has a width of approximately 80 meters and the height of 4-6 feet on an average. During the rainy season, you will not be able to see any stones from the waterfall. Only visible are the cascades of water. Some people used to call this as the "Niagara of Bangladesh". 

After the waterfall, it as possibly a several hundred feet of down stream over solid rock(almost like a road of concretes), and over that rock, water from the fall is flowing downwards with a huge force. If you walk normally beside the stream, it will possibly take 40-50 minutes to reach at the bottom of the waterfall stream. Except the rainy season, the path is in good condition. But during rainy season, you can only risk your life if you attempt to go down over those slippy path. This waterfall is created from the water of Raikhong Canal and the water finally goes to the great Kaptai Lake. 

Some people used to call this Raikhong River. According to the name of the Canal/River, some people used to call this waterfall as Raikhong Waterfall. For your information, it is called PukurPara Waterfall, because there is a village near the waterfall named Pukur Para. Trekkers used to make a shelter at Pukurpara village, and only visits the waterfall for few hours. 

But if you make your trip a bit wisely, you can set few tents around the waterfall during summer or winter for nighttime stay. There are numerous dry and clean places around the waterfall for your camping. But unfortunately almost no one used to do that. Just wonder how it will feel when you are sleeping beside a waterfall at night. Bonus when it will be a full moon, or a night full of starts at null moon. 

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