Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Himchari Waterfall

There are Many places to visit for the tourists in Cox’s Bazar. One of them is Himchari. Himchari is famous for warm water waterfall.The wanderfill waterfall of Himchari is a very attractive scene.

The waterfall from the green hill is relatively marvelous to look at. Whatever, in the winter it Quails. In the rainy season it is really marvelous and full waterfall could be enjoyed.

The place is best for picnic,photo shooting, relaxing and sunbathing. Here you get beautiful hilltop resort centre where you can stay for relaxing and can enjoy the shore of the Bay of Bengal.

This place is about 18 km south from Cox’s Bazar town. Anyone can use Auto Rickshaw or rickshaw Chander Gari to go there. It's Marine Drive roadway is a enjoyable roadway for the tourists.

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