Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Meghla Porjatan Complex

Entering Meghla

Meghla Porjatan Complex:
is the most visited spot by the tourists coming from all over the country. The Porjatan Complex is just 4 Kilometer away from Bandarban town.

Two hanging bridge

By building a dam a man-made lake has been created. Here is a great arrangement for the tourists. In Meghla has a children’s park, a mini, two hanging bridges, zoo, and has boating facilities on the lake.It is a popular place for picnic party. A lot of tourist makes the way to Meghla for enjoy their vacations.

Country's first cable car at Meghla Parjatan Complex

If you want to go this place you can hire Jeep or CNG auto rickshaw to visit to Meghla. Local buses are available. Communication to Meghla is easy, for that a lot of tourist makes the way to Meghla for celebrating their vacations.

Mini Zoo at  Meghla Parjatan Complex
1) There is no arrangement for lunch inside Meghla. You can have snacks only. If you want to stay whole day there so you can take lunch packet with you.
2) Outside Meghlathere are two restaurants with Chinese and continental food at Holiday In resort and Parjatan Motel.
3) All accommodation facilities are also available in the resort and the Parjatan Motel.

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