Thursday, November 24, 2011


Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar

The most visited tourist spot of Ramu is its Buddhist Temple. It's name is "Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar". There are a number of statues of Gautam Buddha in the Buddhist temple. There Has varity sized and various colored statues of  Buddha. From them white colored statue is most lovely. Daily a large number of Buddhists visit this bihar(Temple) for praying.

Daily a large number of visitor visit Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach and its other tourist area. But very few of them visit Ramu! Because the name is not well-informed to all the tourist. But Ramu has the ability to attract the tourist. The ‘Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar’ is a historical and ancient structure. The Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar was built in 308 BC (Before Christ). I recommend you to go Ramu to see this ancient Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar. There are some other Pagoda also. So don’t miss to visit Ramu when you  visiting Cox’s Bazar. 

NOTE: Ramu is only about 16 km from Cox’s Bazar.

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