Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Chingrong Buddhist Vihara

Chingrong Buddhist Vihara is oldest temple established about 2 hundred years ago. This Temple is located at Shilchari, Kaptai, Rangamati. The abbot of this Vihar is belongs to the Marma community. About fifty-sixty monks Remain here regularly. The abbot can speak Bengali and Burmese both language. Majority of the monks of this Vihar/temple are from Marma people. It is a public survice temple. The monks take part in Dana, funeral and other religious function. Chingrong Buddhist Vihara is about 76 km far from Chittagong town.


Ethnological Museum

The Ethnological Museum situated in the busy commercial street of Agrabad, Chittagong, and one of the most tourist attractions of chittagong.A unprecedented treasure house of different Type of tribal culture and heritage of Bangladesh. The Museum was established in the first half of 1965. The museum authorities has collected  many scarce element used in daily lives of different tribal  habitance.

The Ethnological Museum has almost 4 galleries and one small hall. Three galleries of the Ethnological feature various elements of twenty five ethnic groups including Chakma, Hajang, Tongsinga, Khumi, Murang, Sautal, Garo, Marma, Chak, Monipuri, Palia, Tipra, Lusai, Shimuji, and Bom. And the fourth gallery present the lifestyles of few racial groups of Pakistan, India, and Australia.

The sculptures of the people of varity tribal locality and a piece of broken Berlin-Wall Attract the visitors mainly the children who can get impression of miscellaneous festivals, cultures, and livelihoods of the ethnic groups from the mural setup at the hall-room.

These are remindful of the Ethnological Museum in the film 'Planet of the Apes'. People between 200-300 visits the Ethnological Museum daily in addition and a number of researchers from local and foreign country.


Rajbon Bihar

It is 1 km far from Moitri Vihar situated at Rangamati municipality. Rajbon Bihar is one of the lovely Buddhist temple of Bangladesh. It is Located at rangamati district. It is one of the well-known tourist place of Rangamati just few km. from the main bus terminal. You can hire a boat or a auto-rickswa to visit the Bihar. It is a Pindapata temple. About 50 to 70 monks reside here regularly. Visitor are requested to keep in mind thist it is a place of prayer, so do not do anything that hart any one by you.

You must have to enter that place with bare feet to respect their tradition. In rajbon Bihr, there are many monkey stay around the Place. You can give them some food/nuts. There is a 7 stored building and wit a name each floor represents a paradise. Entering into the main prayer area, There are some small buildings/prayer hall inside.

A musk of Buddha Prepared from bronze and kept with a wall for the tourist inside the Bihar. No matter from where you are looking at that musk, you'll feel that its looking at you. There is an eldest monk, named "Ven Sadhanananda Mahathero (Bana Bante)", who is around 94 years of old, and lots of Buddhist used to visit with tribute to get Please from him, and the god. From all directions it is a beautiful tourist spot. So you are welcome in this site to visit.

Monk : Ven Sadhanananda Mahathero (Bana Bante)
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Sunday, November 27, 2011



Teknaf Ghat

Teknaf map

Teknaf is a sub-district of Cox's Bazar district. Most southern tip point of Bangladesh and an old-world border town. Teknaf located on the Naaf river and just at the tip of the hilly area of Cox's Bazar. By road Its about 90 km from Cox's Bazar. For geographically it is most lovely place for the locall and foreign traveler. Winter and Auumn is the best time for visit this place. Here naaf river is the border line between Bangladesh and Myanmar.


The most enjoyable thing is a journey on the Naaf river. As a natural beautiful place wild animals and birds are available. You can buy Burmese & tribal handicaft in the local Burmese Market. Cruise by sampan(boat) is one of ihe main attraction of teknaf. In Teknaf have an opportunity to ovserve the culture of Arkan and Rakhain people. An attractiv tourist place is Teknaf sea beach, one of the longest sandy beach ecosystems (eighty km) in the world. There also a beautiful beach at shah-pari dweep. And it is located furthest from Teknaf sub-district.

Teknaf Beach
How to reach:

You can come to Teknaf by an jeep drive beside the beach or by bus or Microbus on the  road.

 Naaf River
Teknaf hill view
Teknaf Beach - Sampan (one kind of boat) 

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Friday, November 25, 2011


Ramu Rubber Garden

Ramu is also well-known for it's Rubber garden and attractive spots for the visitor. This garden is located about One km. north of chowmuhuny of Ramu. The Rubber Garden is familiar for its hugeness.The garden is largest supplier of rubber in the country. Almost 2130 acres of land is used for cultivate Rubber.

This garden is started at 1961 planting about 52800 plants on 330 acre of area but now there has about 140000 plant on 2130 acre of sands. The calmness of the garden and the sweet chirping of mysterious birds allow you to enter in a heavenly atmosphere. Different sized hill and huge greenery magnetize you without any question. The place is really lovely. If you want to see how they make rubber from the tree you should must visite this rabber garden.


Ramu Coconut Garden

Ramu is famous for its large coconut garden, which is located at the 3-4 Km far away from Ramu Sub-district. without any doubt it is the largest coconut garden in Bangladesh. Not only that Ramu has the largest coconut garden among the south Asia. It is also the largest Coconut Seed Garden in Bangladesh. When the garden was made then only 34 coconut tree were the garden. But now it put up with about one million Coconut tree. The coconut garden of Ramu made upon two hundred acres land. It is a asset of Bangladesh Government and maintained by Food Crops Wing of Department of Agricultural Extension under Agriculture Ministry.

How to reach: Ramu

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Lama Para Bihar
 A photo of Lamarpara Buddhist temple.

‘Lama Para Bihar’ is another Bihar few minutes walking difference from Ramu Shima Buddhist Bihar. King of Arakan  name Ali Khan (1580-1665) ordered to make it when he was put into administration on Chittagong. The majjor atractions of this Lama Para Buddhist Bihar is its metal ring bell. There are few writing in this Bell, Yet no one could read it. Whatever the two ring bell are ancient and beautiful.

 Lamar para buddhist temples metal ring bells picture


Shima Buddhist Bihar

This is a photo of Shima Bihar temple's

Ramu Shima Buddhist Bihar is situated at Fateh Khan Kuli Union in Ramu. The Shima Buddhist Bihar was built about four hundred years ago. After 3 times reconstruction , present Shima Bihar has changed its location.

Present Bihar’s age is about two hundred years. The Bihar was made by traditional Burmese wood frame shape. There are two Bihar, Shima Bihar is the big one. Buddha Statues in this Bihar are so pleasant.

In the Bhiar also a so much wealthy library in which the script is written in Burmese language. There has many books such as Buddhist religious book, history, literature and philosophy.

This is a Ven Upagupta's Photo of Ramu Shima Bihar.

A photo of Ramu Shima bihar buddha murti.

 This is a Buddhah murti of new Shima Bihar.


Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar

The most visited tourist spot of Ramu is its Buddhist Temple. It's name is "Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar". There are a number of statues of Gautam Buddha in the Buddhist temple. There Has varity sized and various colored statues of  Buddha. From them white colored statue is most lovely. Daily a large number of Buddhists visit this bihar(Temple) for praying.

Daily a large number of visitor visit Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach and its other tourist area. But very few of them visit Ramu! Because the name is not well-informed to all the tourist. But Ramu has the ability to attract the tourist. The ‘Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar’ is a historical and ancient structure. The Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar was built in 308 BC (Before Christ). I recommend you to go Ramu to see this ancient Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar. There are some other Pagoda also. So don’t miss to visit Ramu when you  visiting Cox’s Bazar. 

NOTE: Ramu is only about 16 km from Cox’s Bazar.


Cox's Bazar
 Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar

There has many places to visit in Cox's Bazar Ramu is one of them. It is an Upazela of Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also Ramu Is one of the major tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is a familiar Buddhist village, Ramu 16 km from Cox’s Bazar. Here you will find Buddhist Monasteries, Khayangs and pagodas etc. In Ramu, you will find plenty of statues made by various metals. Ramu has the largest coconut garden among south Asia. Also Has a Rubber Garden almost 2130 acres of land.

Tourist spot at Ramu: 

The most visited tourist spot of Ramu is its Buddhist’s Temple near Baakkhali River on Tiger Canal name Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar

Shima Bihar Situated at Fateh Khan Kuli Union in Ramu. The original Bihar age is about four hundred years. reconstruction after 3 times, present Bihar has changed its location. Now it’s age is about 2hundred years.

Another Bihar named ‘Lama Para Bihar’ situated few minutes walking difference from  Sheema Bihar.

Not only leargest  coconut gearden in bangladesh but also among the south asia.

Rubber Garden :

At Ramu: This Rubber Garden is famous for its hugeness. For cultivate Rubber almost 2130 acres of land is used.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Buddhist temple at Maheskhali island

One of the greatest attraction of Maheskhali is the famous 400 years old Buddhist temple in Rakhaninpara .Location of the Buddist Temple is Boro Rakhain para, Goroghata, Maheshkhali. The Buddhist Temple is located in Boro Rakhain Para, Gorokghata, Maheskhali.There are several buildings inside the monastery premises.There has two pagodas are made from Bronze.Both of them are same in structure. There are total 8 roofs potecting the temple.Daily lots of visitor visit this Temple. This Temple is also used for prayer for the Buddhist habitant of the raikhain tribe too.


Adinath Temple

Adinath Temple is an ancient shiva Temple. Situated on the top of the Mainak Hill on Moheshkhali Island. A Landowner named Nur Mohammad Shikdar donated two hundread acres of land to reconstruct the age-old Adinath Temple. The temple is famous for the annual fair. At the foot of the Mainak Hill, which is held in the month of Phalgun as per the Bengali Calendar, especially during Krishnapakkha. This fair is 13 days away, facing towards the vast sea. thousands of Hindus came here from all over Bangladesh.

Inside Adinath Temple

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island is about 7 km north-west of Cox's Bazar. It is very rich for different kinds of shells. The island is sandy and varity kinds of shells are found on the beach of The western part. And the northern part of the island, there are beds of window pane oysters. Sonadia Island is famous for the industry of dry fish. Fisherman set up temporary camps on the island and Dries Sea fishes during winter season, which they catch from Sea.

Fishermen untangling a net
A child tends to dried fish on Sonadia island


Moheshkhali Island

Moheshkhali is a beautiful island in the Bay of Bengal in the north-western side of Cox’s Bazar. The island is Surrounded with forested hills and some mangrove trees alongside the coastal beach. It's total area is 262 squre kilometers. Through the center of the island and along the eastern coastline rises, a range of low hills, but the coast to the north and west is a low-lying treat, Surrounded by mangrove jungle. There are a Buddhist temple and a shrine of Adinath on the hill. You will find here hilly areas,mangrove forests, salt field etcetera.

Buddist Temple

Adinath Temple

You can go easily to Moheshkhali from Cox's Bazar. You need to take a Rickshaw from cox's Bazar go to Ghat no 6,  From 6no. Ghat you can go to this Island by local motorboat or by speedboat. It takes 1 hour by trawler and 1/2 hour by speedboat.

Moheshkhali island is famous for Buddhist Temple and the ancient Adinath Temple. You can enjoy a full day here if you Settle up to visit Sonadia and some other Islands. In the morning you can your journey for Moheskhali, spend time to visit the places, take lunch there and on return you can visit Sonadia and other nearby Islands. where you can sea the fishing & lifestyle of fishermen. By the afternoon you can come back to Cox's Bazaar.  
Moheshkhali is a wonderful  place for visit. Many tourist come visit Moheshkhali every year.

 Jetty Ghat, Moheshkhali

Moheshkhali Channel