Monday, December 19, 2011


Bhola Shisu Park
Shishu Park or children park is a main recreational place for children. At center there is a children park (shisu park) in Bhola city. In the children park there are many rides for children to enjoy there holiday time. 

Bhola Shishu Park (Bhola Children Park)
Address: Bhola city, Barisal, Bangladesh


Collectorate Building At Barisal

Collectorate Building: Under construction
Collectorate Building at Barisal
The two hundred year old's Collect-orate building was the District administrator's office of Barisal . Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh is changing  this Building into Museum. The building is a still photo of Barisal heritage and culture.

More information:
The government on April 1, 2004 declared Barisal Collectorate Building as a national heritage and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs asked the Barisal district administration and Public Works Department to hand over the building to the Department of Archaeology.

About the museum:
This museum is under construction now. It was open in June 2008. Project Officer Shihab Uddin said, adding that valuable antiques, including canons of Sultani period, fingerprint of Queen Noorjahan, sword of Sirajuddowla, would be displayed here.Different types of statues and coins, survey maps and manuscripts, mementos of Sher-e-Bangla A.K. Fazlul Huq, Aswini Kumar Dutta, poet Jibanananda Das and poet Mukunda Das have also been listed for display here, he added.

Source: The daily star


Chakar archeological museum
Chakar archeological museum museum is Situted in banaripara subdistrict of Chakar Union. Olden traditions and Sher-e-Benga A.K. Fazlul huq uses some things that are here. Now Archeological Department is maintain this Chakar archeological museum.


Oxford Mission High School At Barisal

Oxford Mission High School
Oxford Mission High School at Barisal:
Oxford Mission High School is a well-known school of Barisal. This schools is special for its large play ground, Its education system is British (missionary) education system, beautiful natural environment, discipline and many others facilities.It's academic performance is good.  This school was founded by christian missionaries in nineteenth century. Christian father hood at 1st maintains this school from UK. Now the school is under Church of Bangladesh. This is the most beautiful and biggest school in Barisal District.

Oxford Mission High School: Play ground
Oxford Mission High School
Oxford Mission High School
Oxford Mission High School: Pond

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Guthia Mosque

Baitul aman jame-masjid
Baitul aman jame masjid
Baitul aman jame-masjid or Guthia mosque is a famous mosque in Barisal. It is also on of the most beautiful mosque in Bangladesh. Mr. S. Sharfuddin Ahmed Santustablish established this mosque in 16 Dec 2003. He spent 10 millions dollers build this Guthia masjid. It's designs are taken from Europe, Asia, and Middle East's most famous mosque. In this masjid, there is lots of expensive marble stone on the wall. Which is bring from Egypt (Misr). Beside the mosque, there is a madrasa , joined by walkway. The masjid area is park-like with flower garden, shrubs, fruit tree, park-like etc. In the mosque area there are also several ponds and canals.

Baitul aman jame-mosque or Guthia mosque
This mosque situated at Guthia, Barisal, Bangladesh. It will take only few minutes to reach from Barisal city.

Baitul aman jame masjid: Night view
Baitul aman jame-masjid: Flower garden
Guthia Mosque: View from pond side
Baitul aman jame-masjid: Inside view
Baitul aman jame-masjid
Guthia mosque: Front view
Guthia mosque: gate
Baitul aman jame masjid
Baitul aman jame masjid: Masjid complex


Bibir Pukur

Bibir Pukur
Bibir Pukur
Bibir Pukur the most popular & ancient pond of Barisal City. Pukur means pond. Which is located in the heart of city.

Bibir Pukur
Bibir Pukur
Bibir Pukur
Bibir Pukur

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Brojomohun College
Brojo Mohan College
Brojo Mohan College
Barisal Zilla School (Govt. School) was founded in 1854, but the school was not large enough to serve the speedily increasing numbers of students. To solve the problem, Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta built a new school in 1884. But there was no enough facility of higher education. For that Ramesh Chandra Dutta the district magistrate at that time, requested Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta to establish a college .As a result Aswini Kumar Dutta established Brojo Mohan College (BM College) 14th June in 1889.
Impotent information :
1. First principal : Babu Gyan Chandra Chowdhury.
2. Transformed into a "1st Grade College" from a "2nd Grade College" in 189.
3. The college went to the Government management from personal management strategy in 1912.
4. Now twenty degree (pass) courses, eighteen Honors courses and nineteen Masters courses
5. H.S.C. course have been stopped since 1999.
6. For more information visit:  

BM College
Brojo Mohon College
Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Durga Sagar

Durga Sagar
Durga Sagar
Durga Sagar is the biggest lake in the southern part of the country. It's total  area is about two thousand five hundred hectors. The lake is about eleven km far away from the Barisal city. Rani Durgabati mother of Raja Joy Narayan Excavated this lake at 1780. There is a hummock in the center of the lake which looks like a small island.

Durga Sagar
Way to Durga Sagar
Durga Sagar
Durga Sagar
Durga Sagar : side road
Durga Sagar


Laldia Sea beach
Laldia Sea beach
Laldia Sea beach
Laldia Sea beach is situted at Patharghata sub-district (Patharghata Upazila) of Barguna district. This sea beach is not famous but full of natural beauty.


Rakhain Community
Buddhist Temple of Taltoli
Buddhist Temple of Taltoli:
There has a Buddhist Temple at Taltoli in Amtoli sub-district of Barrguna.
Mainly There Buddhist people all are Rakhain.

Festival of Rakhain
Festival of Rakhain
Rakhaina community their culture religious festival and varied life attracted everyone.


Horinghata is a place or spot where you can watch deer and natural beauty . Sometimes the Royal Bengal Tiger is seen in the Horinghata forest . Horin is a Bengali (bangladesh) word mean deer. So name says that why its named Haringhata.You can travel Horinghata from Barguna District.

Monday, December 12, 2011

SONAKATA(Shonar Char)

Sonakata or Shonar Char

Sonakata (Sonar char)
Sonakata or Shonar Char is a small island Sea beach that is 32 kilometer long so beautiful. The sea, sunrise and sunset can be view from this place. You can travel sea from this beach. Way to go to the beach through the deep forests. So, its adventure traviling and  charming too. On the way you will see 2 forest offices there. In a word it is so much beautiful. It is located at Barguna district.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Bibichini Shahi Masjid
Bibichini Shahi masjid
Bibichini Shahi masjid was built at middle Sultane period in the 15th century the time of Ahmad Shah, Jalal al-Din's son. Bibichini Shahi masjid is located at betagi in Bargun District. Shaw Neyamata was constructed this mosques in 1659. The village and the mosque named after the name of his daughter hayache bibicini. This Mosques is Thirty Three feet in length, width of Thirty Three feet, the walls Six feet wide. There are 3 grave beside mosque. The building are all constructed of brick.


Vijay Shing lake
Vijay Shing lake
Founder of the Well-known Shane Dynasty Vijay Shing dug this Lake. The lake is situated 3 km west from Feni Trunk road 0 point at the Vijay Singh village near the Feni circuit house. Total area of the lake is 37.57 acres. The 4 bank of this lake are decorated with tall trees. The formarDeputy Commissioner of Feni made this fine environment by planting lot of trees in 1995. Vijay Shing lake of the historical lake of Feni. tourist from varity places come to visit this nice lake.


Rajajhir dighi

Feni Rajajhir dighi or lake
Rajajhir dighi or lake is situted in the main 0 point of Feni. A king of Tripura dug this lake for Ecdysis the blindness of his daughter about five or six hundred years ago. The headquarters of the subdistrict, Feni sadar Thana, Feni court, the mosque, officers’ club, children’s park and the national heart foundation is beside here. The intotal area of this lake is 10.32 acres. Rajajhir dighi is a historical and Sightseeing Spots of Feni.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sila Statue at Shilua village


Evidence of Aryan civilization
Shilua village at Chagalnaiya Sub-district there is a historic almost ruined rock Statue. Which is in the east of Feni. The Braksmi letter in the rock Statue proves the indication of the Aryan civilization. This old-time historical property is preserved under the archaeological law from the British rule.

Nine km from Chagalnaiya Sadar sub-district. Chagalnaiya 18 km from Feni sadar.


Shirin of Hazrat Pagla Miah or Syed Amir Uddin (Rh)

Shrine of Hazrat pagla baba (Feni District)
The shrine of  Pagla Miah one of the main attractions of Feni District Sadar. The origenal name of the saint Pagla Miah was Syed Amir Uddin (rah), A Muslim saint of 18th century.His birth place is Fazilpur Dhanua village. Brown in 1823 and died in 1887. People celebrate orosh in his shrine on the 1st Thursday of every Falgun (Bengali month) which was his birthday. Lot of visitor come there from varity religions. He has made a large impact on the lives and livelihood of the modern civilization of Feni. There are many common rumors are about his supernatural power.

Location :

One km south-west from Feni railway station
In Takia road beside the big Jam-e-masjid
One half km from Feni zero point.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Muhuri Irrigation Project

Muhuri Irrigation Project
Muhuri Irrigation Project is one of the importent irrigation project of Bangladesh  Started in 1977-1978 finised in 1985-1986 Which depends on the waters of three rivers Feni, Muhuri and Kalidas Pahalia.  A sluice gate of fourty foct has been built to provide water to Feni Sadar, Chagalnaia, Porshuram, Fulgazi, Shonagazi and few area of Mirshorai sub-district of Chittagong for reducing the Possibility of flood in the rainy season and also for the Aman crops. A Japane company SIMUJHU construct this project with the help of SIDA, EEC and World Bank.

Irrigation Projects impact on this area :

1. 20194 hector area are got irrigation facility and 27125 hector areas got full irrigation facility.
2. Many Picnic spot and park has been built beside this project.
3. visitor from many places of the country come to visit its natural beauty.
4. It constitutes the artificial dam, Courses & Programs, fish sanctuary, different birds, low barriers of stone Durba immaculate grass bed around the regulator.
5. One can see many kind of duck and almost about 50000 species of birds if he takes a tour by boat.

Muhuri Irrigation Project:
20 km away from Feni Sadar to Shonagazi Subdistrict Sadar > another 20 kilometers from Shonagazi subdistrict Sadar. total distance 40 km from Feni sadar.

Accommodation facilities:

Bungalow of BWDB near the spot or District Council Postal Bungalow and Residential Hotel - Restaurant Nasir and residential hotels 20 km away from the tourists’ place, in Upajilla Sadar

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Patenga Sea Beach
Patanga Sea Beach
Patenga sea beach is a famous tourist place situted 14 km south of Chittagong city at the mouth of 'Karnaphuli' River. It is very near to the BNS Isha Khan Naval Base of Bangladesh Navy and Shah Amanat International Airport. The beach width is confined and swimming in the seas is not Good idea. Part of the beach is built up with concrete walls. The beach is lined with massive shady palm trees and fishing boats. Every day many forign and local tourist visit this Beach. This Beach is famous for its stunning sunsets and sunrises in Bangladesh.

More information : wikipedia

Row of speed boat at patanga beach
Sunset at Patenga Beach
Patenga Beach
Patenga Beach Cloudy Weather
Tourist at patenga sea beach