Friday, October 28, 2011


Armenian Church

The churches in Dhaka are truly a great attraction of the city which has been drawing loads of tourists from all corners of the world. The visitors always enjoy a great time in visiting the churches of the city. The best of the lot in the city is the Armenian Church which was built in 1781 A.D. this is one of the churches of the city which still remains functional. The Armenian Church is comparatively smaller than the other present across the globe, but the beauty and the grandeur of the church is unmatched. The church is located in one of the narrow back streets of old Dhaka

Before the church was built, the site was an Armenian graveyard. Agaminus Catachik an Armenian gave away the place to build the church. There is a hearsay that, "Michel Cerkess, Okotavata Setoor Sevorg, Aga Amnius and Merkers Poges helped to build the church. Johan Kerupieath Cerkess, also Armenian, built a clock house beside the church. There is a rumour about the clock stating that, "The sound of the clock can be heard from four miles away. People match their watch's time with the church clock by hearing the bell's sound. In 1880 the clock stopped and in the earthquake of 1897 the clockhouse was destroyed.

In Dhaka, in the old Armenian graveyard there is a grave of the Armenian Catachik Avatik Thomas. The grave has a statue on, His wife bought it from Kolkata for the specific purpose of placing the statue on his grave. She mentioned her husband as the "Best Of Husbands" in the epitaph.

Archbishop of the Armenians 

This church has architectural consequences. Its plan is rectangular. It has arched gate and arched door. There are 4 doors and 27 windows in the church. The church is 750 feet long and the entry passage is 14 feet wide. The main square tower is into the 15 feet of the plan. The hall's floor is divided into 3 parts: firstly, a pulpit enclosed by railings, a middle section with two folding doors, and finally an area separated by a wooden fence where women and children were seated. There is a spiral staircase into the church.
Mother Teresa stayed in this church during her Dhaka visit.There are no longer any Armenians in Bangladesh. Most of the time the church remain closed.

Armenian Inscription

The church draws a small yet enthusiastic crowd. The churches are a place to enjoy the tranquility of heaven amidst the hustles and bustles of the city. The church is the place which supports a small Christian community from the different countries. The original founders of the church, the Armenians were the one's dealing with Bengal's jute and leather trade. Presently they have almost vanished.Now There are no longer any Armenians in Bangladesh.

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  1. There is a new book of the Armenian church Dhaka showing all the graves and the English translations.