Friday, October 28, 2011


Bahadur Shah Park

Bahadur shah park which was known Victoria park initially. This is located at Lakkhi bazar(laxmi or lokkhi bazar) or old Dhaka. It has roads all around of it. This is a small park and it may appear to you as a road circle to you.

Top of the monument : inside

This was mainly built to commemorate the several martyrs of the first Liberation War that took place in between the year 1857 and 1859, against the British rule. This memorial was the very place where the revolting sepoys along with all their civil compatriots were hanged publicly.

This park was renowned as Victoria Park till 1947. But after that its renamed as Bahadur Shah Park after the name of "Bahadur Shah II", the last Mughal Emperor. But still now, local people used to call this park as Victoria park. 

The tourists coming to Dhaka must visit this memorial park. There are many other historical spots in this part of the world, which are worth paying a visit. The location of the park can be reached very conveniently from ant nook and corner of the city.

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