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Kaptai National ParK

The  Kaptai National Park is located in Rangamati Hill District over Karnaphuly and Kaptai Ranges under Chittagong Hill Tracts (South) Forest Division. It is accessible by air, road or train from Dhaka upto Chittagong then by road. Stablished in 1999
Kaptai National Park is exclusive for its huge plantations of 1873, 1878 and 1879, the preliminary act of modern forest management in this Indian sub-continent. At about 5464 hectors of land covered with the area of Kaptai National Park.

You can find plenty of old tree which were planted in 1873! This colossal plants and wild life of Kaptai National Park mystify the whole nature. There are a huge collection of plants in Kaptai National Park. You may feel a little bit nostalgic about your past in green village to the huge greenery of Kaptai National Park. In Kaptai National Park, there is a number of wild life like- Deer, elephant, Jungle cat, Monkey etc. Many species of Birds may also a matter of interest for the tourists and bird’s lovers. Kaptai National Park is a safe and sanctuary for birds and other wild life. Forest division founded picnic spot, restaurants in this Park. So, it will be a fascinating experience for you to visit Kaptai National Park.

 Wild Orchids of Kaptai National Park
Kaptai National Park is sited in Rangamati District over Karnaphuly and Kaptai Ranges under Chittagong Hill tracts (south), Forest Division. It is adjacent to Kaptai Bazar in the North- Eastern corner of Kaptai Upazela, Rangamati District.
The stifling rain forest on the bank of river Kornophuli is amazing in the Kaptai National Park. Kaptai Forest Rest House, Kaptai Mukh Forest Rest House, some picnic spots in the Kaptai National Park are other attractions of National Park. You can do boating, cruising, skiing, hiking in the Kaptai National Park.

Little wonder then that the Kaptai National Park is already amazingly popular with the locals. Some 50 000 people visit the park each year, paying an entrance fee of Tk10.00 per a person in support of this pleasurable wilderness. While most spend their time picnicking, others may go boating or speed boat cruising, water skiing or hiking. Great food can be found at a number of nearby restaurants for those looking for something a bit more substantial after a day spent in the great outdoors. The Kaptai National Park is relatively easy to reach.

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