Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Shailapopat Waterfall & BawnVillage

This very painless hike is entirely along a quiet, surfaced road and is the most popular 'hike' with bangladeshis, through that;s only because they can complete it while sat in a nice shiny car! The walk itself, which takes about an hour in either direction , is highly and, at time  quite steep, but it's far nicer then the the goal, which is a small water fall carpeted in litter. Very close to he water fall is the Bawm tribal village of Faruk para, where you can buy some beautiful basket, woven fish traps and rugs.

Shailapropat is an attraction for waterfall, which is surrounded by hills & forest, 8 km from Bandarban. Be carefully while you go to Shailapropat - the rocky path way is very slippery. If you are not cautious there, is a good chance to sleep & make an accident. People may think that the risk may not exist at dry season, cause the rocks are dry that time. But beware about your wet foot. Cause the driping water from your feet can make the dry rock slippery once again. So be careful when you make your every single steps.

The water of the falls is really cold. No matter whatever the season is. This is possibly for the rocks. It used to make the water cold. You'll feel like heaven when you'll put your feet into the water of the falls. Local people used to have their bath at the water of the falls.

You'll find several iron made bridge at the vicinity of the falls. If you have more time you can go to the bridge and have a view of the falls from the far side. Also the authority have made a view point at the spot, you can enjoy the fall's beauty, specially when its rainy season.

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