Saturday, October 1, 2011


Mathurapur Deul 
Ganja : Madhukhali : Faridpur : Bangladesh

Mathurapur Deul(high mound) is an archeological heritage, a unique vestige of the Bara-Bhuiyans reign in Faridpur. Like most of the archeological places, this one is a 16th century architect comprising terracotta from Hindu Myth. The Deul is situated at Mathurapur of Gajna union under Madhukhali upazila of Faridpur district. Though Deul means the wall in Bangla, but its not a wall at all.

Hight of Mathurapur Mound

confused about the hight of this medieval mound, because there are several statistics available about its hight varied from 70 to 90 feet. Department of Archeology provided that this authentic structure is 80 feet hight.


One look at the structure reveals its unique beauty: Fashioned out of terracotta, the Deul is decorated with numerous mythical figures such as terracotta flowers and foliage, gods and goddesses, Hanuman in ecstatic mood, nude dancing figures, and horses in motion.

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