Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Prantik Lake

Prantik in Bangla meaning fringe, the lake derives its name from its location, being located on the Bandarban-Chittagong district border.

With abundant natural beauties Prantik Lake lies in Holodia near the Keranihat-Bandarban road. It is 14km away from Bandarban town.  It requires 30mnt's drive. It covers an area of 2500acre. The management authority of this lake is LGED.

This lake is surrounded by a good many varieties of trees. It has been regarded a natural habitat for different bird species. This lake is an ideal place for fishing. You can have fishing opportunity in this lake with the permission of the authority. It is an ideal place for excursion and family tour in solitude.
It is an exquisitely beautiful place to visit with your family. It has a place lake. Tranquility pervades the place all the time. Situated amid lush greenery with high hills and placid lake, it has a lot to offer to a visitor. It has a wonderful watch tower with spiral stairs where you can have a better view of the area. It is a wonderful to hold picnic. Don’t forget to take food and drinks there as it does not have any shop there, though you can buy food and drinks from shops just beside the high way to Bandarban.

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