Friday, October 21, 2011


Newzeland place

Theres a interesting place in Khagrachari with yet another interesting name - New Zealand. Its basically a cafe with some munchies. Paddy fields on either side. Its a killer feeling.The place is really beautiful. One side is a mountain, and other side is a paddy field. That means a flatland, and a mountain are at juxtapose.

The decoration of the restaurant is simple. Few benches under the open air. Few benches under the shades made from straws. Very very simple decoration, but the beauty is really bewitching. Also there is a kid zone which is really simple, but excellent.They used to serve food quickly, and while taking your foods, you can enjoy the beauty. You will have seen the local farmers were planting the paddy at the fields at my time.

You can find they are harvesting at your time. After having the food, take a small walk at the wide meandered path that went through the paddy fields. If you want to visit the place, better go at afternoon, otherwise you'll miss the beauty. Price of the foods are as usual. They are not taking any high price from you.

Its not far from the main town. Just around 15-20 taka rickshaw fare from bus terminal. The place is really beautiful.

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