Sunday, October 2, 2011


Dighir Par Masjid: a mosque in Bhanga built during the Mughal era

People used to call this as "Dighir Par Mosque", also it has a name that is listed at Bangladesh government, "Majlis Awlia Mosque". This Mashjid has three domes at the top of it. After taking the mosque under the Archaeological Heritages of Bangladesh, the government did some furnishing task over the mosque, so that it doesn't collapse, or doesn't become a ruin.

This mosque was built during anytime between 1393 to 1410. The pundits are assuming that the mosque was built by the great ruler, Sultan Azam Shah. At the Southern side of the mosque, "Majlis Awlia Khan", the mosque was named after his name.

There is a majar just near the mosque. The mazar was formed using the name of "Mastan Darbesh Nazimuddin Dewan" and "Fakir Salimuddin Dewan". Once again, I don't like the concept of Mazar, thats why you won't see any photos of mazar here with the article.

There was a large Dighi(water tank) was created just near the mosque. The water tank was made to ease the water problem of the peasant. Thats why people used to call the mosque as "Dighir par jame moshjid".
How can i reach trere

If you wish to visit the place, you have two choices to pick. One is from Dhaka, and another one is from Faridpur. I'm showing you both of the paths. First of all, you have to reach the "Pulia" Bus stand before anything. If you are from Dhaka, then you have to first come at Mawa Ferri Ghat. To come from dhaka, you can use Bus "Elish" from Gulisthan. Then cross the river Padma using speed boat, launch, or ferry. After crossing the giant river, take any local bus, that will take you at "Pulia". It will take around 20-25 minutes to reach the bus stand.



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