Monday, October 3, 2011


Ulpur has a former Zamidar palace  and many other Zamidar mansions

The Basu Roy Chowdhury of Ulpur family and his Zamidar place

 Zamidar basu Roy Chowdhury

Ulpur is a village to the north of Golpalganj in Bangladesh. It has been founded by the Basu family as seat of their Zamindari & Jagir called Shahpur.
Shahpur Pargana consisted of 27 villages and a population of 30200 in 1931 with Ulpur being the central village and seat of the Zamindari.
Ulpur Zamidar place

Dasarath Basu arrived in the 11th century in Bengal. One of his descendants, Raghunandan Basu, was  reconfirmed the Zamindari / Jagir of Ulpur / Shahpur  by the Moghuls in the 16th century where his descendants settled. The Basu Roy Chowdhury of Ulpur family lost their ancestral home in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) when India was divided in 1947.

The estates of the different family members can still be found in Ulpur and are now used by the villagers as their homes. The smaller temples and ponds are in a devastating condition, but the main Khali temple is still in use and has been recently renovated.

The village of Ulpur, next to the Padma river, is now part of Gopalganj district, but was originally part of Faridpur district. It is 12km from the town Gopalganj which can be easly reached from Dhaka as well as Kolkata.


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