Friday, October 21, 2011


Resang waterfall, resung waterfall, rechong waterfall, reassang waterfall, Richang jharna

Resang/resung/rechong/reassang whatever you say, its another beautiful waterfall from Bangladesh, and this time its from Khagrachhari district. Not too many people visit this district for refreshment. This waterfall(jhorna) is just around 10-12 kilometer apart from the main town.

After falling the water from the top, its just sliding over the rocks. It can lured you to slid your posterior over the greasy rocks. Also you can be tempted to get near at the bottom of the fall. But its just calling the death yourself.

There are several valleys around the waterfall, you can enjoy those beauties too. To get near to the Resung waterfall, local authority made a stair for the visitors. It was rainy season, and the amount of water flowing from the waterfall was uncountable.

Way to reach the waterfall:

Several options for reaching the waterfall from the Khagrachhari town. There are lots of public bus used to leave from the bus terminal for Chittagong and Feni. You can take any one of those.Beside the highway,a signboard which says where is the waterfall. From the highway, its 2.1 kilometer walking distance.There are numerous number of hills around the path and being rainy season, the environment is enchantingly green. But if you have your own vehicle, you can use it.Also when you'll reach at the fall after walking, you'll feel more adventurous.

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