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Shrine / Dargah of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.)

Main gate of shrin

A gate named by hazrat shah Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.) at Rajshahi city

Among many other popular tourist attractions in Rajshahi, Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum, Rajshahi is known be one of the ancient places in the city. Rajshahi is a district in Bangladesh that boasts of a large number of historical sites that can spellbind the visitors. The grace and elegance of Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum, Rajshahi is a must-visit for every traveler coming to the city.

Shrin gate

Rajshahi is itself an important tourist destination that houses many historical and ancient sites. Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum is a "majar" or "darga" that was built around the grave of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh. He was known to be the first Islam preacher in the district of Rajshahi and the major dargah had been established on his memory.

Entry gate of the grave
Grave of hazrat shah mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.)

Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum in Rajshahi is situated beside the famous River Padma and in the area called Durgah Para. Durgah literally means a shrine and refers to the famous shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh. There are many stories that are related by the locals about the famous preacher. According to the legends, he came to Rajshahi via river Padma by riding on two crocodiles. It should be noted that there is a large pond next to the shrine where some crocodiles have been kept on the memory of the preacher.
 One of crocodile Grave,By which Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh  (Rh.) came to Rajshahi via river
 Crocodile child grave
hazrot Shah mokhdum ruposh (Rh.)

Bith    Hazrat Sayod Abdul Kader Zillani (Rh.)'s own Grandson and Hazrat sayod Azalla Shah (Rh.)'s son.Birth place: Bagdad Iraq 2nd Rojob 615 Hijre 1215 A.D
War:   From1287-1326 year there wewe three war 1st,2nd and 3rd wars against ancient Rajshahi mahakal gor's king deuraj. After long time of 39 years Mahakalgor achived a victory.
Deth:   He became died in 731 Hojri, 1331 A.D

Hafizia Madrasha


Short description:    in Dorgah area there has a Hafezia Madrasha in left of Dargah gate and  a office of Dorgah state right romDargah gate ,a mosque in the south , east-south ther is a pond , in the west a hujrah(room) of Hazrat shah mokhdum ruposh (Rh.) , beside this room a stone in a room people said that there had been giving sacrifice people since that time. There also a KOWME MADRASHA NAMED BY HAZRAT SHAH MOKHDUM RUPOSH (RH.)

Dargah pond
Hujrah of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum (Rh.)

Sacrifice place

Entering the grave room of Shah mokhdum (Rh.) there is a grave of crocodile child.This was the crocodiles by which Shah Mokhdum (Rh.) came to Rajshahi via river Padma.The main Place of Dargah the place where the grave of Shah Mokhdum (Rh.) situated in a room. There is also a crocodile grave beside his grave.There is different management to visite both men and women.

Shah mokhdum (Rh.) Kowme madrasha

Entry gate of hazrat shah Mokhdum ruposh (Rh.) grave

Real story: mainly the first person is hazrat Turkan Shah (Rh.)who spreaded islam in rajshahi.He came to spread islam but a last became martyred with all his companions by the king of Mahagkam . to take revenge of Hazrat Shah Turkan Shah (Rh.)'s deth and to speard islamrajshahi Hazrat Shah mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.) came to rajshahi.
Shrin of Hazrat Turkan Shah (Rh.)
shrin of hazrat turkan shah (Rh.)
Some necessary thing of Hazrat Shah mokhdum (Rh.)

The visitors can go for a day trip and visit the shrine built next to the grave of the preacher. It is regarded as one of the ancient sites of the Rajshahi region and a popular attraction of the country.

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