Friday, January 27, 2012


Sindurmoti Dighi
সিন্দুরমতি দিঘি

Sindurmoti Dighi
Location of Sindurmoti Dighi
It is situated at Panchagram in Lanlmonirhat district.

A Brief History
In the month of Chaitra The peoples of hindus do worship. People says that A Hindu landowner Narayan Chakrawarti dag this pond cause of draught.But cause of having no water in the pond he got a dream to worship by leaving two daughter of him in the middle of the pond named Sindur and Mati.But he failed to bring all the elements for the worship.when he went to take all the elements the pond fulfilled with water.the two daughter of the lanowner failed to reach in the bank and died.aftert that he saw a dream that his two daughter got immortality.

communication system
Anyone can go there by Bus / Rickshaw / Microbus.
Effigy of Sindur and Moti
Temple of SindurMoti
Old foundation stone of SindurMoti temple

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  1. This sindurmoti tample was build by Professor Dr. Devendra Nath Sarkar And his forefathers. He also wrote a book about the history of SINDURMOTI.
    Name of book: SINDURMOTI'r Itihash.
    For details contact
    Dr Devavrata Sarkar
    Phone: 01974991092