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Kakina Jamindar Bari
কাকিনা জমিদার বাড়ি

Kakina Landlord House or Jamindar Bari
Location of Kakina landlord house
This landlord house is situated about 30 km distance from Lalmonirt district in Kakina Union at Kakina moujai.

A Brief History Kakina Landlord House
Maharaja mod narayan's time Kakina was a  Chakla  of kocabihar. Indra Narayana Chakraborty was then the cakaladara of kakina. In 1687 the Fouzdar Ebadat khan declared war against king Mod Narayan and went to koachbihar and that time two sons of Raghu Ram Raghabendo Narayan and Ram Narayan took the support of the Fouzdar.After being faled in this war of Moghals Endra Narayan was removed from the post of Chakladar and Raghabendra Narayan was elected for Porgona 62 and Ram Narayan was elected for Kakina.As this the Chakladari of Indra Narayan Chakrawarti was finished.In 1687 that estate started in time of Ram Narayan finished in the period of Mahendra Ranjon for his unforeseen costs. When he failed to back the revenew of govenment his estate was sold in auction in 1925 and go under coart of words.Ater that he left Kakina as a destitute state. He Breathe last in Karsiang.

Why the most famous / important
About  250-year-old this landowner's house is.the land owner of this landlord house Mohima Ronjon Rai Chowdhury was known as a kind to men landowner.

Conveyance System
From Lalmonirhat the distance of this landlord house is about 30 km road in front. Visitors can go there by bus.It Will take as 1 hour.

Visitors can stay in Lalmonirhat district or Kaliganj sub-district in Dakbanglo.

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