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Softhori Mosque

Softhori Mosque
Softhori Mosque is located at center of Atwari-Boda road and the bounding line of  Atwari and Thakurgaon subdistrict of Panchagarh. It is the oldest mosque of the district. A person name Sudharu Saha was established Softhori Mosque. No actual information about its formation date. But there is similarity between Softhori Mosque and dome mosque at Mugrapara in Sonargaon in Narayanganj district. Which was build during the Sultani time, in 1478. For the similarity between two mosque it is assumed that Solthori Mosque was established during the Sultani time. Squire Shape  Solthori Mosque has only twelve ft. width walls, with no specific place for the Imam. Hence the entry door is very low and only 5 people can pray together once. In the north and south side there are two small door. The wide compound of the front has an arch. Now The arch has changed its real look. The walls is designed with flower and leafs. The Softhori Mosque was affected by earthquake,  but was reconstructed in 2007

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