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HALA BOTER TOL (A big Banyan tree)

Hala Boter Tol
হালা বটের তল

Hala Boter Tol A very ancient banyan tree
Location of Hala Boter Tol
"Hala Boter Tol" is one of the legend place of the district.  Almost a half acre of land across a wide range of very ancient banyan tree near Kulaghat, Lalmonirhat

Short Description of Hala Boter Tol
People says that, banian tree is at least 130 years of age. The field of Eidgah under that tree is older than it.In  Pakistan period (1951-5 to khristabde) Fakir Pir was brought from jaunopur by the local khati  fakir for certain. Pir  Sahib was sitting in the trees below. A well was dag For the People coming to the field for oju. Being lack of water Due to the difficulties oju  ,Pir (saint) Sahib told to give a  vessel of water to the well. The lack of water was then removed and never happened. It was also  less than the time before the end of the distribution concerns khicuri Pir saheb give cover of the pipkin. According to his instructions to remove the lid a little after the start of the khicuri distribution. at the end of the distribution of the khicuri few neighboring villages people who didnt come to hear is also possible to send them. Pir Sahib was to go, but the place of speech was considered to be a holy place to people,people see with special respect towards the banyan tree too. After Bangladesh won  its independence it spred. Every Friday still a lot of people from different places come here to be seen Manat.

Hala Boter Tol A very ancient banyan tree
Communication System
Any one can go there by car or rikshaw from the district.
Hala Boter Tol A very ancient banyan tree

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