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Lost Mosque or Harano Masjid
হারানো মসজিদ

Old Mosque:  Foundation
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Location of Lost Mosque or Harano(lost) Masjid
From Rangpur - Kurigram highway 1 km south and at ramadasa maujaya in pancagrama Union of lalmonirhat the ancient mosque is located. This is a very old Mosque . In a inscription date indicate hijri year 69.

Inscription of the Mosque: Time Indicate hijri year 69
A Brief History
Near Rangpur-Kurigram highway at ramadasa maujaya in panchagram union of lalmonirhat there was a desolate forest from long time . The forest's name majader (ara-আড়া ). Local language  (ara-আড়া ) mean bushy places.  At time to clearing the jungle worker found some brick with flower design which is very ancient. Thus to remove the soil and brick and come to a full mosque foundation. The size of 6''× 6''×''an inscription found in the text of which is spastaksare Arabic-La - ilaha - illallahu muhammadur rasulullah, hijri year 69. When local people are convinced that jamme, it is - a ancint mosque ruins. At present, there is a mosque has been built.

Conveyance System
You can go Old Masjid (Harano Masjid) Micro bus / bus / rickshaw, etc.

There is no residential facilities around the mosque. You can stay in Lalmonirhat District town.
Old Masjid
Old Mosque
Old Masjid
Oldest Masjid
Oldest Mosque
Foundation of Harano Masjid or Lost Mosque


  1. nice posts and pictures of Lalmonirhat district.

  2. This is the real history of Bengal. Now history will be written in a new way. Is it possible to upload your pictures in Wikimedia , then I can write a history on Islam.

  3. Thanks for sharing nice post of historical mosque of bangladesh. your post inform me that old mosque is situated in bangladesh at lalmonirhat district.