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Mirzapur Jamei Masjid

Mirzapur Jamei Mosque
Mirzapur Jamei Masjid
Mirzapur Jamei Mosque is located in Mirzapur about six kilometer far away from Atwari subdistrict on the atwari-Panchagarh road of Panchagar district.
Mirzapur Jamei Masjid

History and Description
A inscription wrote in Persianlanguage on the eastern wall of the masjid provide its reconstruction and reparation by one Shaikh Malik-uddin in 1252 BS (1831 AD). But no body dont know its actual construction date. Recently Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh taking care of this masjid .There are two ancient graves to the south side of the mosque and north-east side stands an old well.

The mosque has three domes, an open courtyard (17miter / 14miter) surrounded by wall. access gate room of the courtyard (4.12m / 2.12m with 0.60m thick wall) is situated its east middle side. the gate room covered by sloping four-ways roof.

The mosque is rectangular externally length is 13m width is 5.40m with 3 entry doors on the east and 3 mihrabs on the west wall inside. The middle door and the middle mihrab are gigger than the others, which are of same size and height. There is 2 window in the center of the south and north walls. On the roof There are four towers four corners of the masjid. The walls outside are now whitewashed and the terracotta plaques are painted red creating a very colorful exterior.
Mirzapur Jamei Mosque : inside

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